Introduction to Our Trust Level System

The PinStack Team and allianice members are united in the mission of building and maintaining a world class online community for smartphone professionals. This page will explain how our unique Trust Level System helps towards this mission!

Improve your Trust Level
Check for unanswered threads
A great place to start is the unanswered threads list. It features recent questions posted by Stackers seeking info, help, discussion or general feedback.

Join recent Smartphone discussions

Ensure to follow forums rules and encourage others to do so as well, by example.

Select a forum, then post 'useful' threads

It's been proven, smartphone users love how-to's, reviews and new threads containing unique and helpful info. Share what you've learnt from your smartphone experiences!

Quick Tips on getting the most from PinStack's Trust Level System

  1. Some forums are worth more Trust points than others. The Technical Discussions & Smartphone Reviews forums are all double Trust forums. Of course the Reviews forum is not for posting questions. Take a look at some of the existing threads & Sticky/Useful threads in each of the above forums before posting.
  2. Spread your Trust where & when it's deserved - There's a saying, "What goes around, comes around." So don't be shy. If a Stacker has personally helped you or even if you are impressed with the way he/she has replied to another users post or even their helpfulness in general, then click the Add Trust Level buttonbutton.
  3. Avoid Trust Level point deductions - one of the best ways to improve your trust is to avoid being penalized for breaking forum rules. Especially self promotion for Trust points or breaking any of the forum rules. Not all rules will be penalized with point deductions - as a rule we usually give a warning for minor offenses. However, repeat offensives will result in severe deductions as our Team sees fit. See the "How can I avoid Trust point deductions?" section below.
  4. A high Trust Level will return the most points available to award others members (Trust Power):
    For every 365 days registered, you gain 1 point of Trust Level-altering power.
    For every 1000 posts, you gain 1 point of Trust-altering power.
    For every 100 points of Trust, you gain 1 point of Trust-altering power.
  5. New members start with 10 points Trust and 0 Trust power.

    Higher trusted members logically should have the most altering power. The number of posts and days registered does not always give an accurate indication of a Stacker Trustworthiness. As such the point-return for those are LOW.

What is the main purpose of the Trust Level System?
The Stacker's Trust Level in its simplest form is the ranking of a member's trustworthiness with respects to providing accurate and reliable contributions and answers to smartphone support questions posted. It also indicates the level of which each user adds positively to our community. The main purpose of our Trust Level system is to maintain the highest level of support, ensure content accuracy and to promote user feedback in a form that helps shape the site. Obviously trust is something that has to be earned over time and at the core of our Trust Level system are the members.

How does the Trust Level System Work?
With well over a million PinStack website visits per month there's a lot of activity that takes place here. Everyday there are 1000's of replies and threads that users scan through for relevant info and knowledge. As these users posts and browse our forums, they find useful posts from helpful members who go out of their way to help fellow smartphone users find solutions to their technical support questions. These useful and accurate support posts are acknowledged by clicking the Add Trust Level button button to agree with a users posts and submit points toward their trust level.

Example of adding Trust to a user:

Example of adding trust

What are the Levels of Trust?
The levels of Trust are as follows:

Trust Level  Points Icon
Trouble user -101 or less
Poor -100
Low 0
Average 10
Above Average 25
Good 50
Very Good 75
Great 100
Exemplary 300
Sage 500
Stack Guardian 700
Stack Elite 900
Stack Legend 1100

Can this system be abused?
About the only way to abuse the Trust Level system is not using it. If a user provides you with fast accurate support don't let it go unrewarded. As for abuse there are 14 measures in place to prevent abuse of this system. Of course, we can't list them or the specifics of each one. However, you will see some of the limitations that helps to ensure it's accuracy as you use the service.

How accurate are Trust Levels?
The range of Trust Level points are from -100 to 1100 points. Stackers can award from around 1 to 10 points per user in a single vote (can't vote for the same user twice) based on conditionals. Thus, for a member to have a high trust level it will take a lot of Stackers (with high Trust) all agreeing that he/she is trustworthy. In addition, only the PinStack Moderation Team can lower a Stacker's Trust Level. As always, users who violate forums rules or post inaccurate information should be reported using the report post feature or a Private Message to a member of the Moderation Team. 

You will find 'Report' links in many places throughout the board. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, inaccurate, objectionable or illegal. Also, report any users who PM other members or self promote themselves. Report users who try this and you'll be awarded Trust points if we see fit.

How can I avoid Trust point deductions?
First and foremost, it is considered improper to promote oneself for Trust points, either in ones profile signature, directly in a post or via any 3rd party means. This will result in complete removal of all your Trust points and possibly a permanent ban from

The following acts or behavior will result in minor to strong deductions from Trust Points:

  • Repetitive minor violations of forum rules.
  • SPAMMING the PinStack Forums.
  • Posting incorrect information. (esp. Info that can may cause device issues.)
  • Insulting or harassing other Stackers
  • Inappropriate and/or foul language.
  • Repeatedly telling members to "Search" first before posting.
  • Moderating or telling users how to use the forums. (Escalate issues to our Moderation Team, that's our domain)
  • Starting the same thread in more than 1 forum and/or cut and pasting identical replies to increase post count.
Note: If your Trust Level log shows the following icon (), it means the Stacker who gave you Trust points has less than 10 trust points. In which case, only the comment will apply and no points will be added. In short a Stacker must have 10 Trust Points or more before his Trust power counst as positive (1 point).