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  1. Select icon properties?
  2. Anybody interested in an image recognition API?
  3. Building an app, need advice!
  4. Show Symbols remain white
  5. hidden top dock with 14 icons problem
  6. Adding a web launcher to a theme?
  7. Bug in Global Items.. need help ASAP
  8. Is this typical for the BB Style 9670?
  9. Can't install simulators; archive corrupted? HELP PLZ
  10. What BB to dev for next?
  11. Small File Size?
  12. TB6 bug & BBM
  13. Theme support for OS7 devices?
  14. How to add Hidden Today in TB6?
  15. BlackBerry Theme Development To A Standstill!!!
  16. Batch edit image color?
  17. Issue with my hidden docks
  18. Trouble adding theme to App World... HELP PLZ!?
  19. Questions regardin app building (all opinions welcome)
  20. How to fix jumpy icons... plz help!?
  21. Hello PinStack members & mods
  22. [TIP] GIMP - No Disk error
  23. Profile Focus issue, PLEASE HELP
  24. At wits end, please help with New Msg *
  25. [TIP] Customizing Controls>Search Field
  26. 9650 theme on 9780 device; cut off font PLZ HELP
  27. Looking to start BBM Theme Devs Group - LADIES ONLY
  28. [TIP] OS6 theme w/ disappearing media dock icons
  29. Converting to different OS? Plz help :(
  30. [TIP] Theme Builder 6 & Battery Meter
  31. OS6 Media Dock icons disappear? PLZ HELP
  32. Theme Builder 6 & Battery Meter... plz help :(
  33. Offical Announcement
  34. theme studio 6 keeps trying to reinstall??? help please!!!!
  35. [Tip] Aligning banner items for clickable meters
  36. Composer question... need help ASAP please
  37. Theme Builder 6.0 & Today Text?
  38. Theme compatibility question...
  39. How to promote?
  40. MobiHand acct approved... now what?
  41. Random theme dev questions
  42. Need help with clickable meters PLEASE
  43. Going Premium?
  44. How to combine multiple .svg files?
  45. Need help with sliding dock please
  46. Blackberry Icons
  47. Review: My First Take
  48. Working With Theme Studio 6.0 Beta
  49. PapaMag's Basic Theme Development Tutorials
  50. JAD and COD in zip file download?
  51. help with a problem/kinda a request
  52. composer question
  53. ABC Amber Blackberry Converter 9.02...
  54. Scribble Icons from the old Plazmic
  55. Icons size help
  56. Editing a .jad file with thembuilder
  57. text editor
  58. how do I switch to OS 4.1?
  59. Trouble with simulator
  60. JDE error
  61. Composer question for the experts
  62. Multiple hidden docks
  63. Possible to Increase Size for Curve 8300 icons?
  64. Theme making help please
  65. Understanding how to put a Weather slot in a theme
  66. exporting theme question
  67. how to host your own themes
  68. Model Compatibility
  69. Hidden dock tweaks
  70. Profiles Icon Squishes?
  71. Application List, Possible to move up?
  72. need OTA hosting
  73. Calendar Today issue
  74. yet again..hosting OTA themes not working
  75. Theme Builder Temperature Icon
  76. composer question
  77. Android icons
  78. theme studio 5.0 question
  79. plazmic 4.7 vs theme builder 5.0
  80. Creating Own iPhone Themes!?!?
  81. JScroll for Storm?
  82. Does anyone knows how to make a pop up menu with theme studio?
  83. any easy way to resize icons on Home screen and fit more?
  84. options disappear in media folder
  85. Create a blank button?
  86. Which BB icons to include in my theme?
  87. Does anyone knows how i can make a custom banner??
  88. Question about Theme Studio 5.0
  89. trying to get my theme on
  90. Program Used?
  91. Everywhere I press opens clock
  92. Custom Tour Icons and meters
  93. Blackberry Theme Builder 5.0
  94. can you make a button do this?
  95. how does he do this?
  96. Help with theme making plz
  97. Can you tell me how to get rid of this??
  98. Themebuilder Navigation Issues
  99. Help create app
  100. Scroll Theme Help!
  101. need composer help
  102. Need Composer Help: Multiple home screens?
  103. composer help
  104. Saving Themes on my Blackberry Tour
  105. Question for the Composer Pros (Looping Keyframes?)
  106. HELP! Plazmic just STOPPED working!
  107. Bold Hidden Dock Problem - What Am I Doing Wrong
  108. Blackberry Bold Theme Builder Lists Help
  109. DriveHQ OTA hosting?
  110. Colorful PNG Icons
  111. lock screen svg help
  112. fullscreen banner on pearl?
  113. How to do a make POPUP menu style buttons
  114. hi! and some questions re theme development
  115. "Today" homescreen issue for Tour
  116. Tutorial for making themes
  117. Ring Theme With Custom Icons...
  118. JDE problem (for making launchers)
  119. animated background?
  120. Is it possible to make Home screen scroll on Storm?
  121. Q. on Homescreen Navigation
  122. Today theme fonts
  123. Fullscreen banner on PEARL?!
  124. I can't export theme to phone!!
  125. Help with creating a pop up dock/menu
  126. Homescreen icons bounce?
  127. Anyone want to help me out with icons?
  128. Plazmic 4.7 compatibility issues
  129. files not loading on simulator?
  130. trouble with my first theme
  131. about theme builder
  132. Plazmic plugin was rushed?
  133. Battery meter with percentage
  134. i have a ? about symbols menu lagging
  135. Full Screen Banner items on the curve Discovered!!
  136. Hak. Just a message 2. Need help.
  137. How To: make a changing background SVG
  138. Music Icon
  139. Cannot get carrier name to display in Storm theme
  140. Need Help with 81xx 4.5 background dialog menu's
  141. Smoothie Icons
  142. Can somebody please help me find these icons?
  143. Storm Banner
  144. PNG Icon Error Please help
  145. Plazmic Theme Builder Help!
  146. BB icons
  147. dose anyone kno
  148. after about 3 months, i made a new theme...
  149. Posting A New Free Theme
  150. Theme Building Icons??
  151. Plazmic Theme Building Issue
  152. Missing Icons,Missing Focus
  153. BlackBerry Tour 9630 Themes?
  154. SVG HELP for Custom SCROLL BAR
  155. Applications on Home Screen
  156. font color question
  157. help with custom icons
  158. Plazmic Theme Reader HELP.
  159. Tutorial: How to customize ALL folders icons in a theme
  160. Change Homescreen 'Profiles' Icon?
  161. themes
  162. how do i make themes?
  163. How to open/modify a theme?
  164. messaging text color and background color - predictive text
  165. Another Hidden Dock Tutorial.
  166. OK, someone figured this out, now how to make it really cool?
  167. general rules regards battery/signal meter creation?
  168. Can't Select Highlight Font
  169. Look what I can do!!
  170. Just found a free download with a ton of icons
  171. Display application name using svg
  172. Check this out themers!!
  173. missing my phone icon
  174. Rotation in Composer - Ahhhhhh!!! Help!!!!
  175. resized icons and resized activation boxes prob
  176. New overlay doesn't appear
  177. New email alert also shows up as new SMS. Help???
  178. Custom icons not showing up
  179. Storm Upgraded OS question
  180. Email inboxes in custom theme
  181. Font question about Plazmic 4.7
  182. BB Messenger Notification Issue
  183. Plazmic 4.7?
  184. User Definable Fonts
  185. Downgrade exported OS for Plazmic 4.7
  186. simulator JVM Error 104
  187. Theme Help
  188. Home Screen Shortcuts
  189. Help Loading Themes
  190. Theme Help Needed for my 8900!
  191. Homepage Problem
  192. device application order and the simulator
  193. Noob wanting to know how to make themes
  194. Menu font change?
  195. theme builder menu and popup images
  196. *Red* Icons set *stock icons* for storm theme Please!
  197. new icons for theme building for storm 9530
  198. Crediting Images used for upcoming theme
  199. take wallpaper from a theme
  200. PNG Icons
  201. 8900 theme
  202. Help with theme
  203. Please Help me out problems in the theme i made
  204. Here is a new one I just heard about!!!
  205. Need someone who THINKS they know what they're doing with SVG
  206. custom signal and batter icon trouble!!
  207. banner icon relocation?
  208. Loading icons into composer
  209. put apps in banner area question
  210. crossbar in composer
  211. adding applications question
  212. anyone know How to wrap icons on JScroll style svg.
  213. composer: png image don't show in simulator (and device)
  214. storm icons for pearl
  215. Question?
  216. Hidden Docks with a highlighter icon
  217. Help With my Theme
  218. "How to" show icon Music on my themes
  219. help with gimp please
  220. How do you set the default icon/app on the homescreen?
  221. Plazmic 4.7 help
  222. Background image on Active call screen?
  223. Building Themes???
  224. help
  225. Help Making Themes
  226. Smaller "Today Messages" area but messages are still spilling out
  227. 8320 MaKe Me A ThEmE? oR TeaCH me HoW?? 8320
  228. How to get apps to look like there glowing but change color?
  229. Is there a tutorial for dummies on creating svg files?
  230. Theme Icons
  231. plazmice font size help
  232. Image Quality??
  233. Plazmic 4.7 font issue
  234. Please help me modify the BB Dimension Today theme
  235. Icon Name in SVG.
  236. HELP!!! Create Themes
  237. Creating themes...
  238. Pic On 2nd Screen?
  239. free cool icons for theme developers
  240. DTMF signal lost !!!!!
  241. Plazmic CDK 4.7 is OFFICIAL
  242. Help on Storm 9530 SVG File (hidden dock sliding up from bottom)
  243. 8120 Banner/Message List Issues
  244. "squished" icons after resizing
  245. Curve Today Theme Request
  246. HOw do I make transparent images?
  247. Advanced Plazmic/Composer question: View app on lockscreen?
  248. Status Text Issue!!!! Anyone . . . .
  249. Need a little advice...help with theme builder
  250. Today Calendar Theme Display Issue 81XX

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