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  1. Article: Samsung Galaxy S3 with Windows Phone 8
  2. Article: RIM´s Hail Mary Play For Mobile - BB10
  3. Article: Sorry Tim, The iPhone Isn't That Much Better For Carriers Looking To Keep Customers Than Other Phones
  4. Article: LG puts Windows Phone on back burner in favor of Android
  5. Article: The Software Industry Is Being Reborn
  6. Article: HomeOS: Microsoft Works on Bringing Smart Homes to the Masses
  7. Article: Who Supports CISPA And Who Doesn´t?
  8. Article: Google´s Destruction Underway?
  9. Article: Is it time for a new model on handset subsidies?
  10. Article: RIM thought to be the culprit behind the ‘Wake up’ Apple protest
  11. Article: It's not a BlackBerry World anymore
  12. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  13. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  14. Article: So which smartphones have the best battery life?
  15. Article: Apple And Taxes Don't Mix
  16. Article: Apple and Samsung mediation scheduled for May 21st and 22nd
  17. Article: ANDROID APPS: Pick Of The Week
  18. Article: SUNDAY READER: CISPA explained - the Bill that Wants to Erode Your Online Privacy
  19. Article: SUNDAY RISER.
  20. Article: Unravelling Samsung's Galaxy S3 riddle
  21. Article: Gaming: Tracking Vita prices and Old Republic subscriber numbers
  22. Article: Woz up? Apple co-founder picks the Nokia Lumia 900 over Android
  23. Article: Opinion: Is the BlackBerry PlayBook Really a Failure?
  24. Article: Hot: BlackBerry 10 development phone photos! [Update: this is the
  25. Article: London? Or Fake?
  26. Article: LG Mobile Launches Mobile Phone for the Blind
  27. Article: New iPad Launches in Nine More Countries
  28. Article: GSM Moto RAZR Maxx Set for UK Release
  29. Article: TGIF 2
  30. Article: Who's The King Of Smartphones?
  31. Article: BIGGEST LEAK YET: Photo And Mockups Of Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone
  32. Article: Cloud Storage: How to Choose Between Google Drive and All Others
  33. Article: RIM Turnaround Could Take Three to Five Years, says Watsa
  34. Article: CISPA passes House despite opposition
  35. Article: Samsung Crushes Earnings, Blows Past Nokia To Become World's Bigge
  36. Article: Six of top 10 enterprise devices are iOS, 97 percent of tablets ar
  37. Article: TGIF
  38. Article: New Pictures of BlackBerry Curve 9320 prior to Vietnamese Launch
  39. Article: LG reveals Q1 2012 financial results, has turned the corner
  40. Article: Amazon's streak of Fire ignites shares
  41. Article: Apple's iPhone Is Now The Most Profitable Business In The World
  42. Article: The Best Apps Of April 2012
  43. Article: OPINION: Will Google Drive Snoop Inside Your Data? Google Needs to Be Clearer
  44. Article: Samsung Exynos 4 Quad CPU Galaxy SIII
  45. Article: Sprint confirms unlimited data plan for next iPhone
  46. Article: Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges BlackBerry data efficiency and adm
  47. Article: UK Release of Nokia Lumia 900 Delayed . . .
  48. Article: Huawei and Windows Phone 8!
  49. Article: Exclusive: RIM to Announce First BlackBerry 10 Device in August – Release by October
  50. Article: White House takes aim at CISPA with formal veto threat
  51. Article: The HTC Facebook Is Coming...
  52. Article: GPS & Reliable Indoor Position System IPS
  53. Article: Steam Native Linux Client Near? Gabe Newell Trashes Windows 8?
  54. Article: June 11, Take Heed iOS Fans...It's WWDC Time.
  55. Article: Apple crushes estimates in Q2, reports profit of $11.6 billion on
  56. Article: The New iPhone Will be Thinnest iPhone Ever and it won´t be 5
  57. Article: HTC Q1 Profits Slide
  58. Article: BB Bundle: RIM Getting A Partner; Angry Birds; 101; Morph-Wiz.
  59. Article: ...And Gmail free storage upped to 10GB, 25GB for paying Google Drive customers
  60. Article: SAMSUNG UNPACKED 2012 App – Access Live Stream, Maps, Press Releases and Full Product Details
  61. Article: ‘Google Drive’ Cloud Storage Service Finally Launches
  62. Article: AT&T, Verizon embrace Windows Phone to balance smartphone battle
  63. Article: AT&T's margins rebound as smartphone sales top 5.5M during Q1
  64. Article: BlackBerry-maker RIM: Why it might be fighting the last (lost) war
  65. Article: Gazelle reports that Blackberry trade-ins have risen by 80% over the last month
  66. Article: Droid Incredible 4G LTE Appears On Verizon Promo Site With $299 Pr
  67. Article: Is T-Mobile Getting The Samsung Galaxy Note?
  69. Article: Voda UK Gets the Next Galaxy
  70. Article: BREAKING: Microsoft Just Started Charging Money For Its Dropbox Co
  71. Article: Microsoft releases SkyDrive for Mac app, updates iOS app
  72. Article: Sprint officially reminds us the Epic 4G Touch is getting Ice Crea
  73. Article: Unlock Any iPhone on Any Baseband, Firmware iOS 5.x
  74. Article: Cheap iPhone Rumor Returns
  75. Article: Apple Smartwatch?
  76. Article: SkyDrive for Windows Phone gets bumped up to version 2.0
  77. Article: Samsung Mobile countdown site points to reveal all today; and Retina display?
  78. Article: The Next iPhone Is Coming This October
  79. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  80. Article: Verizon Ready to Launch Windows Phone 8
  81. Article: BlackBerry 10: Multitasking Made Easy!
  82. Article: Quad Core ASUS Tab: Pricing and Launch Announced!
  83. Article: How Gyroscope based RC Helicopters Work/Fly
  84. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP - 2 Of
  85. Article: SUNDAY READER: Harsh fate for accused LulzSec hackers?
  86. Article: Android Vs iOS
  87. Article: Spotify for Android
  88. Article: iOS Apps Of The Week
  89. Article: Bring SIRI into your MAC
  90. Article: Gmail 101: 10 Tricks You Probably Don't Know...
  91. Article: SUNDAY RISER.
  92. Article: Nokia Not Rescued by Lumia??!?
  93. Article: iPad Wait Now @ 5 to 7 Days Online
  94. Article: HOOKT Messenger: It's Everywhere. Available FREE For Everyone!
  95. Article: BlackBerry Still Reigns in Security
  96. Article: Galaxy S III Goes on Preorder on Amazon in Germany!
  97. Article: Radio Shack Discounts HTC One X to $149
  98. Article: WHAT I SAY: The Nokia Lumia 900
  99. Article: White Nokia Lumia 900 Available Now!
  100. Article: HTC Cancels All Physical QWERTYs
  101. Article: Galaxy S3 Video - Specs!
  102. Article: Samsung's S-Cloud tipped to arrive alongside the Galaxy S III next month
  103. Article: X-Ray Vision Smartphones? In-Cell Touchscreens? A T-1000 ‘Liquidme
  104. Article: GAMING: Diablo III beta for stress test this weekend
  105. Article: REVIEW: Seidio CONVERT Plus Combo for iPhone
  106. Article: My Next Blackberry Accessory
  107. Article: TGIF
  108. Article: BlackBerry gets key endorsement from Colombian sex worker!
  109. Article: Verizon Signals Windows Phone Push
  110. Article: Want a New Galaxy Nexus from Sprint?? You'll Have to Wait!
  111. Article: Nokia Releases Q1 Financials: Smartphone Sales Down
  112. Article: Press Release: Lumia 610 Hits Asia!
  113. Article: Xperia P from Sony Gets a Price and a Date . . .
  114. Article: How To Get A Free Copy Of Snow Leopard
  115. Article: Why Should WE Give Microsoft SkyDrive A Try
  116. Article: 5 Reasons the CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Should Be Tossed
  117. Article: Oracle Almost Bought RIM? Palm?
  118. Article: Galaxy Beam Projector Phone on Preorder!
  119. Article: AT&T Running Out of Lumia 900s??
  120. Article: Is Microsoft About To Make A Huge Mistake With Windows Phone Softw
  121. Article: AT&T Pricing and Availability for HTC One X
  122. Article: Reasons To Pick Android Over iPhone
  123. Article: Google Doodle Pays Homage to Portuguese Poet
  124. Article: DSLR Lens for the New IPad
  125. Article: Ladies & Gentleman, The Samsung SIII?
  126. Article: Google Reader 101: Styles & Extensions
  127. Article: Chrome for Android updated with desktop view, bookmarks as shortcuts
  128. Article: AT&T introduces new data plans for GoPhone customers
  129. Article: Release of 'iPad mini' from Apple viewed as ' question of when, no
  130. Article: REVIEW: Seidio Active Case for iPad2/iPad3 with Mult-Purpose Cover
  131. Article: Who Owns Apple's Stock?
  132. Article: Nokia Has The Best Smartphone Commercial
  133. Article: Google's Plans For Motorola
  134. Article: HTC One S will have Android smartphone users in ecstasy
  135. Article: 72 Hours With the LG myTouchQ Violet
  136. Article: Sprint and LG Launch Eco-Friendly Optimus Elite
  137. Article: BlackBerry Curve 9320 in Blue?
  138. Article: Nokia 808 PureView on Preorder @ Clove! (UK)
  139. Article: Verizon announces Plans to Expand LTE
  140. Article: iPhone Ad With Samuel L. Jackson
  141. Article: Apple And Samsung CEOs Will Meet To Settle Patent Disputes
  142. Article: BB Bundle
  143. Article: iPhone 5 Mock-Up. What say y'all?
  144. Article: APP For All - Read It Later reinvents itself - POCKET
  145. Article: European carriers slam Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones
  146. Article: AT&T, T-Mobile top network speed tests
  147. Article: IN DEPTH: Majority of app developers are moonlighters
  148. Article: The future of the Smartphone
  149. Article: Google Drive By Next Week?
  150. Article: Visions of a Computer in Every Pocket
  151. Article: Why Google Is Terrified Of Facebook
  152. Article: Why I'm Ridiculously Excited For Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone
  153. Article: HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  154. Article: 'iPad mini' this year, less than $300
  155. Article: LAW: Aleynikov Victory. Programmers Who Steal Shouldn´t Feel Emboldened ...
  156. Article: Galaxy SIII Coming Soon?
  157. Article: Seidio Case Review for Skyrocket
  158. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  159. Article: Nokia Lumia 900 Review
  160. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  161. Article: "HELLO CISPA" - it will remind you of SOPA
  162. Article: SUNDAY READER: What You Should Know About Exxon Mobil’s Latest Ad
  163. Article: Why one in five U.S. adults don't use the Internet
  164. Article: SUNDAY RISER.
  165. Article: The Top Viral Videos Of The Week
  166. Article: Gaming: EA's "false advertising," Microsoft's hexadecacore rumors
  167. Article: Review: Samsung Galaxy Note – Oversized iPhone Killer?
  168. Article: DeFocus Images on Android like DSLR
  169. Article: CHART OF THE DAY: The Only Two Smartphone Companies That Matter
  170. Article: Nokia Lumia 900 Vs. iPhone: Who Wins? Just Guess.
  171. Article: Discovering the Mutants Among Us
  172. Article: Wi-Fi offloading: Who controls your handset?
  173. Article: Former RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie's very different rescue plan revealed
  174. Article: Oops! German judge upholds ban on Apple push email, Apple must pay
  175. Article: Samsung Galaxy S III photo surfaces.
  176. Article: The Nexus Tablet?
  177. Article: AT&T President says Lumia 900 Sales Exceed Expectations
  178. Article: CloudOn - The Way To Work With Microsoft Office On Your iPad. And it's FREE.
  179. Article: Gartner: iPad will Have 61% of Market Share in 2012
  180. Article: Golden Dreams iPhone: About $2500
  181. Article: Samsung likely to be world's largest handset maker in Q1 - Nokia Succumbs.
  182. Article: Samsung Has A Tablet That's Better Than The Kindle Fire - THE GALAXY TAB 2.
  183. Article: The Ways Windows Phones Absolutely Crush The iPhone
  184. Article: WHAT I SAY: The HTC One X
  185. Article: CNET: AT&T Storefronts Still Pushing iPhone During Lumia 900 Launch
  186. Article: Nokia Pleasing Customers?
  187. Article: HTC Incredible Images Leak
  188. Article: INSTAFACEGRAM!
  189. Article: IM+ for Android v6.2 now available in public beta
  190. Article: Google+ receives a major facelift
  191. Article: Nokia Reimbursing Lumia 900 Customers $100 On AT&T Bill For A Nast
  192. Article: IN DEPTH: The DOJ Lawsuit Against Apple
  193. Article: Nokia sold 2M Lumia smartphones in Q1, but cuts outlook
  194. Article: Verizon Will Nail You With A $30 Upgrade Fee Starting April 22
  195. Article: Get iOS like Smooth Kinetic Scrolling on Chrome, Firefox
  196. Article: RIM executive drops double down
  197. Article: RIM is Still Working on a BlackBerry 10 Slider
  198. Article: TRIBUTE: Mike Wallace's 5 Most Memorable Interviews That Got Ameri
  199. Article: TOSHIBA's Tablets Loom Large. And Medium, and Small...
  200. Article: Let The Games Begin: Apple Needs To Steal These 11 Android Features For The Next iPhone
  201. Article: Would You Pay $850 for an iPhone If Carrier Subsidies Disappeared?
  202. Article: Facebook & Instagram: 5 Questions.
  203. Article: Sony Will Lay Off 10,000 Workers: Bloomberg
  204. Article: Look At This! Hotcakes are Selling like Lumias!
  205. Article: Reuters: Microsoft Buys 800+ Patents from Aol for $1 Billion
  206. Article: All That Talent Leaving Apple Ends Up Here!
  207. Article: FINANCE: Ready for a mobile only bank?
  208. Article: The Best Time To Buy A New iPhone?
  209. Article: Marketing: Microsoft And Nokia Really Screwed Up The Launch Of Their Super Important Phone
  210. Article: Apple unlikely to get Samsung device injunction from US court
  211. Article: Android App: Screen Brightness with Gestures
  212. Article: Apple Rumorpocalypse.
  213. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  214. Article: iPad 2 Sales Sluggish after Brisk Start
  215. Article: AT&T Launches HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900
  216. Article: Happy Birthday jfcooley!
  217. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP.
  218. Article: 29 Secret 'Easter Eggs' Hidden In Your iPhone - A Refresher 101
  219. Article: Smartest Android Keyboard: SwiftKey 3 Download APK
  220. Article: SUNDAY READER: Larry Page Talks Android & Motorola
  221. Article: OPINION: US Gov. Support Of BB Isn't Enough...
  222. Article: SUNDAY RISER.
  223. Article: Samsung YOUM flexible AMOLED brand revealed
  224. Article: iOS Apps: Weekly Roundup
  225. Article: GAMING: PS4 on x86? Whither American gaming arcades?
  226. Article: Free Stuff @ Nokia!
  227. Article: Nokia 808 PureView (41 MP Camera and All) on Preorder in Italy!
  228. Article: Samsung Display Spins Off of Samsung
  229. Article: Alan Brenner, RIM's Senior Vice President and Alistair Mitchell, V
  230. Article: Don’t Bother with Instagram; Here are Five Better Alternatives for Android
  231. Article: Google tablet now expected in July...
  232. Article: AT&T Will Allow Unlocked GSM iPhones
  233. Article: Reuters: Samsung Estimates Record Q1 Profits
  234. Article: Nokia PureView Pics Leak?
  235. Article: TGIF
  236. Article: United Vision Marketing Firm Offers to Acquire RIM
  237. Article: 'Nokia Town' Faces A Dim Future As Jobs Shift To Asia
  238. Article: HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!
  239. Article: Dolphin Browser 4.0 released for iPhone
  240. Article: IN DEPTH FROM DOWN-UNDER: WiFi...
  241. Article: Project Glass
  242. Article: iOS fragmentation - Is it worse than Android's?
  243. Article: Atmel's XSense - Curvy Touchscreens
  244. Article: US government sticking with BlackBerry
  245. Article: Here's Another App For JB'd iPhones...Cute!
  246. Article: Android Captures Majority Share of U.S. Smartphone Market
  247. Article: Verizon challenges other carriers' network speeds in '4G throw down'
  248. Article: Nokia After the Burning Platform
  249. Article: New Samsung Galaxy S III Render Pops Up In Press Invite – To Be Unveiled May 22nd?
  250. Article: Smartphonebetatest Dot Com!

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