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  1. Article: Android and Samsung build on their market shares in Q3 2012
  2. Article: Voice Chat on BBM vs 7
  3. Article: Voice Chat on BBM vs 7
  4. Article: Voice Chat on BBM vs 7
  5. Article: Market sentiment starting to get more positive for BlackBerry make
  6. Article: First two new models with Enhanced PTT are now available from AT&T
  7. Article: HTC One V won't get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  8. Article: HTC DROID DNA with 1080p screen, quad-core Krait debuts. Video!
  10. Article: HTC jumps into phablets with Droid DNA
  11. Article: Google Nexus 4 already sold out at U.S. Google Play store
  12. Article: T-Mobile Clients, This May Interest You!
  13. Article: There should be no 'oops' when an in-app purchase is made
  14. Article: Solavei counts 65,000 members, pays out $1M in commissions
  15. Article: From Saucy Pics to Passwords: How to Share Sensitive Information O
  16. Article: Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 now on sale through Google Play Store
  17. Article: Sinofsky's Out At Microsoft Because He Wanted Steve Ballmer's Job
  18. Article: GSM Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2 update download link live
  19. Article: HTC's One X+ and One VX set to arrive on AT&T November 16th
  20. Article: HTC announces its game plan for Android 4.1
  21. Article: Limited 24K Gold Edition Xperia P is one special prize
  22. Article: Apple could get $6 to $8 for every smartphone HTC sells
  23. Article: Enable Aero Glass, Peek, 3D Flip on Windows 8
  24. Article: Apple Is About To Start Production Of The iPhone 5S
  25. Article: SECURITY: A modest solution to large account cyber theft
  26. Article: TRENDING: Is It Time To Stop Building Mobile Websites?
  27. Article: Text Messaging Declines in U.S. for First Time, Report Says
  28. Article: Watch: Microsoft’s ‘Star Trek’ Universal Translator
  29. Article: Are You Multitasking or Are You Suffering from Digital Device Dist
  30. Article: RIM to hold BlackBerry 10 launch event on Jan. 30
  31. Article: Cartoon For The week
  32. Article: Samsung bumps up the price of Apple’s processors by 20%, Apple can
  33. Article: PinStack Weekly Review
  34. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  35. Article: Apple Basket
  36. Article: If You Have Gmail... You Must Have This
  37. Article: Console gaming is dying
  38. Article: SUNDAY READER: A Train Ride From Washington To New York Reveals What's Wrong With The Economy
  39. Article: SUNDAY RISER!
  40. Article: BBC blocks live linkup with aliens, scared they might curse
  41. Article: The Best iOS Apps For This Week
  42. Article: Windows Phone Apps
  43. Article: Lost Apple Products
  44. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  45. Article: The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth for Android now available
  46. Article: Call of Duty Elite TV new season kicks off November 13:
  47. Article: The NEXUS 4. Should I Get One?
  48. Article: Transform Any Mac, Macbook to Retina Display
  49. Article: 13" Retina MacBook Pro review: more pixels, less value
  50. Article: IN DEPTH: With Millions Paid in Hacker Bug Bounties, Is the Intern
  51. Article: A Week With the iPad Mini
  52. Article: Windows Phone 8: All the Launch Details
  53. Article: TGIF
  54. Article: Fayve Is a Slick and Entertaining Movie and TV Discovery App for t
  55. Article: BlackBerry 10 Gets FIPS Certification And RIM Demonstrates Their G
  56. Article: Apple's next major market for iOS may be automotive
  57. Article: Windows Phone 8 hits Verizon pre-order tomorrow with HTC and Nokia
  58. Article: GAMING II: Humble Bundle for Android 4 launches with six games
  59. Article: GAMING: BioShock PC available for free at GameFly
  60. Article: Opera Web Pass Gives Mobile Subscribers Access To Pay-As-You Go In
  61. Article: iOS 6.1 in beta, here are some of the new features
  62. Article: Apple drops out of Top 5 in China, Galaxy S III tops iPhone 4S in
  63. Article: Sony takes over the Xperia S AOSP project, previews it: Video
  64. Article: The Next Big Social Network Has A Lot More Reach Potential Than Fa
  65. Article: The Next Big Social Network Has A Lot More Reach Potential Than Fa
  66. Article: Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available: May App Stores Be With You!
  67. Article: Install, Enable Flash on Android 4.1, 4.2 Jellybean
  68. Article: Top 25 Most Powerful People in U.S. Wireless 2012
  69. Article: Rogers overhauls its cellphone plans to offer unlimited voice and
  70. Article: Apple's stock now in bear territory after 20% drop from peak; was
  71. Article: Sony Mobile likely to outsource 30-40% of smartphones for 2013 to
  72. Article: Black HTC One S finally lands on T-Mobile US’s shelves
  73. Article: GAMING: Putting the science back in Wasteland 2's science fiction
  74. Article: European Union expected to accept Apple's e-book settlement
  75. Article: Android smartphone adoption rate reaches six times iPhone
  76. Article: Apple goes after Jelly Bean, Galaxy Nexus, Note 10.1, and more in
  77. Article: Enable Flash on Windows 8, Surface RT Metro IE Browser
  78. Article: Microsoft Office apps coming to iOS, Android in early 2013
  79. Article: Galaxy Note II: How Samsung Sold Me on Humongous Phones
  80. Article: Sprint Buying Some U.S. Cellular Markets for $480 Million
  81. Article: The Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win
  82. Article: Xbox Surface: Microsoft's 7-inch gaming tablet
  83. Article: Google Wallet to have physical card option says Support Page
  84. Article: AT&T reveals the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and WP 8X prices
  85. Article: Smartphone and tablet sales to top 1.2 billion devices in 2013
  86. Article: Google ''Not Optimistic'' that Apple will Approve iPhone version o
  87. Article: Verizon to begin closing its app store for BlackBerry and Android
  88. Article: Samsung Galaxy Camera arrives in the UK on November 8th for £399
  89. Article: US pricing of unlocked iPhone 5 shows up on Apple's website
  90. Article: Sorry, Apple Fans, No More New Product Launches For Longer Than Yo
  91. Article: Android is 5 Years Old.
  92. Article: SECURITY: Born to be breached.The worst passwords are still the mo
  93. Article: Microsoft to retire Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype
  94. Article: Yes, Apple will approve Google Maps for iOS
  95. Article: First Mind-controlled Bionic Leg
  96. Article: Why Microsoft May Build Its Own Windows Phone
  97. Article: Cartoon For The week
  98. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  99. Article: Phone Home: Asteroids Belts Could Be Key To Alien Life
  100. Article: New Google commercial for Nexus 7 takes a 'Life Aquatic' turn
  101. Article: Apple's vanishing iPad
  102. Article: SUNDAY-READER: Windows 8 and Linux. Microsoft Will Prevail
  103. Article: SUNDAY RISER!
  104. Article: Windows Phone Apps
  105. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  106. Article: INFOGRAPHIC: How Facebook Fries Your Mind
  107. Article: 6 Must Have Apps
  108. Article: How To Choose An iPad Model
  109. Article: 4 Generations Of Android
  110. Article: Inside Android 4.2: Notifications and quick settings
  111. Article: iPad 4 GPU vs Nexus 10 vs iPad 3 Graphics Performance - Benchmarks
  112. Article: BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ now available in the UK
  113. Article: Samsung Galaxy Premier visits the FCC without LTE connectivity
  114. Article: HTC Opera UL is official Facebook phone
  115. Article: Samsung has sold 30 million Galaxy S III devices worldwide
  116. Article: Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Tablet of the Year winner
  117. Article: And Samsung Note 2 Sales Soars...
  118. Article: It's Official: Apple Is Just A Niche Player In Smartphones Now...
  119. Article: TECH: Another Promise of a Smartphone Battery Breakthrough
  120. Article: Hey, Let´s Demand Hi-Res Screen Displays, Shall We?
  121. Article: TGIF
  122. Article: WHAT I SAY: Toshiba Satellite U920t
  123. Article: GAMING: Assassin´s Creed III Review
  125. Article: Windows Phone Italy reveals the features for Windows Phone 7.8 and
  126. Article: Galaxy Premier: 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED, 8MP camera, GS III styl
  127. Article: iPad Mini, the First Small Tablet That’s an iPad
  128. Article: Google’s most advanced voice search has arrived on iOS
  129. Article: HTC 8X Includes Wireless Charging - At Verizon Only
  130. Article: Halloween CEO Nightmares
  131. Article: ESSAY: The post-Jobs Apple is here
  132. Article: LG Nexus 4 Review
  133. Article: GAMING: Need For Speed For Android
  134. Article: Why Facebook wants more Android developer friends
  135. Article: Gizmodo Considered Apple´s iPad Mini...Ballsy?
  136. Article: Nexus 10 Specs vs iPad 4 vs Kindle Fire HD vs Surface
  137. Article: Apple execs Scott Forstall and John Browett to leave company
  138. Article: Android 4.2 is here, and it has a whole bunch of new features
  139. Article: Google backpedals on LTE with Nexus 4
  140. Article: Google Now update brings more cards, voice actions and more
  141. Article: And the HTC Windows Phone 8X...
  142. Article: Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8
  143. Article: How does Android 4.2 Jelly Bean wireless display mirroring work?
  144. Article: Sprint sits out Windows Phone 8 launch in the United States after
  145. Article: T-Mobile presents its holiday lineup: LG Nexus 4, Lumia 810, HTC 8
  146. Article: Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are now shipping
  147. Article: Windows Phone 8: This Time for Sure!
  148. Article: Hurricanes be damned, the LG Nexus 4 goes official
  149. Article: Cartoon For The week
  150. Article: From The Eye Of PapaMag
  151. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP!
  152. Article: HTC One X & One S - Android 4.1 rollout begins in Asia and Europe
  153. Article: SCIENCE: The reality distortion field. It's in the consumer's brai
  155. Article: Samsung feels the power as Galaxy Note 2 lifts off
  156. Article: The Evolution Of The Smartphone. According to HTC.
  157. Article: SUNDAY-READER - Innovation Renaissance: Art And Science
  158. Article: SUNDAY RISER!
  159. Article: Windows 8: The Best Shortcuts and Tricks
  160. Article: Top 10 Secret Features in Windows 8
  161. Article: Windows Phone Apps
  162. Article: This Week´s Top Downloads
  163. Article: How to Bring the Start Menu Back in Windows 8
  164. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  165. Article: The Best Win 8 Apps
  166. Article: Clearwire moves forward with Huawei in network upgrades after fede
  167. Article: Droid RAZR HD and MAXX HD receiving small security patch OTA
  168. Article: Are Microsoft Store employees misleading customers about Windows R
  169. Article: Google cancels October 29 event due to hurricane
  170. Article: Jailbreaking phones becomes legal, but you'd need your carrier's p
  171. Article: The 7-inch factor: Has Google beaten Apple at their own game?
  172. Article: The State Of MAC - Phil Schiller
  173. Article: From The Blogosphere Or From Bars...
  174. Article: Microsoft offering Windows 8 Pro users free upgrade to Media Cente
  175. Article: Samsung Trounces All Even If Apple Sells 26.9m iPhones
  176. Article: TGIF
  177. Article: Where Do I Click, Again? A Guide to Windows 8
  178. Article: Google Docs Now Available in Chrome Web Store
  179. Article: The Windows 8 upgrade install experience
  180. Article: Android Games for Halloween
  181. Article: Apple's Tim Cook sees Microsoft Surface as a 'fairly compromised,
  182. Article: Apple May Finally Launch Its Pandora Competitor In 2013
  183. Article: Nokia Lumia rollout for Sara Lee
  184. Article: 3G-packing Nexus 7 saunters through the FCC
  185. Article: Apple Q3 report: iPhone sales down, but profit still strong
  186. Article: LG Nexus 4 up for pre-order, arrives October 30th
  187. Article: Swiftkey Flow For Android.
  188. Article: iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD and Nexus 7: The Pros and Cons
  189. Article: Judge steps down in patent lawsuit filed over Apple's Siri
  190. Article: FINANCE: SPRINT To Miss 2012 LTE Rollout Target
  191. Article: What’s New in iPad (4th Generation)
  192. Article: LTE in the USA #5
  193. Article: LTE in the USA #4
  194. Article: LTE in the USA #3
  195. Article: LTE in the USA #2
  196. Article: LTE in the USA #1
  197. Article: Street View and Beyond: Google's Influence on Photography
  198. Article: Visafone Nigeria introduce BlackBerry Services on their CDMA netwo
  199. Article: Broadcom's 2012 Q3 sees $2.13 billion sales turn into a $220 milli
  200. Article: Alleged camera sample from the Nokia Lumia 820 emerges
  201. Article: Galaxy Premier spotted
  202. Article: Xperia E and E Dual leak, marked as Sony's new entry-level droids
  203. Article: Samsung, LG, and Pantech Prepare 1080p Smartphones For Early 2013
  204. Article: Microsoft Surface Review
  205. Article: Google’s Big Nexus Event: What’s at Stake
  206. Article: RIM preps enterprise roadshow, chafes at iPad Gartner prediction
  207. Article: 10 things you can get from Windows 8 that Windows 7 just doesn't h
  208. Article: My Take on the iPad Mini
  209. Article: From The Eye Of PapaMag
  210. Article: Mac mini gains Ivy Bridge CPU, up to 16GB of RAM
  211. Article: The New iPad Mini
  212. Article: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement drop Blackberry for iPhone,
  213. Article: Nokia seeks $1 billion from bonds to help drive fightback
  214. Article: AT&T's Galaxy Note II arrives on November 9
  215. Article: Samsung’s Full HD Smartphone Slated For Next Year
  216. Article: Apple's overscroll-bounce patent has been invalidated in the US
  217. Article: Give an artist the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and he makes magic with
  218. Article: G1 Celebrates Its 4th Birthday.. Wow, Seems Like Yesterday.
  219. Article: From The Eye Of PapaMag
  220. Article: Why Chromebooks Are Still Useful, Even in the Tablet Age
  221. Article: Google Wallet Exec: No Surprise Digital Payments Are Slow Going
  222. Article: Orange begins first HD Voice calls between countries, decides clar
  223. Article: Bill Gates Opinion of Windows Phone 8? (Video)
  224. Article: LG confirms Google will unveil Nexus 4, Android 4.2 on October 29t
  225. Article: Best Buy prices AT&T Lumia 920 at $149 and HTC 8X at $99, both ava
  226. Article: HTC Windows Phone 8X to launch on Nov 2, 8S on Nov 15
  227. Article: iOS 6 jailbreak nearly on iPhone 5, untethered in time
  228. Article: Cartoon For The week
  229. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  231. Article: Samsung Galaxy SIII - A Refresher Course
  232. Article: The next Macs: What to expect
  233. Article: Is Texting Mangling the English Language?
  234. Article: SUNDAY RISER!
  235. Article: TK5 Justice BlackBerry 10 Concept is Gorgeous but Not Feasible
  236. Article: Windows Phone Apps
  237. Article: Quircky, Fun Apps For iOS and Android.
  238. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  239. Article: Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And It's Tr
  240. Article: New full-sized iPad with improved internals, Lightning connector t
  241. Article: RIM: BlackBerry 10 will change everything
  242. Article: Motorola releases list of its phones eligible for $100 gift card w
  243. Article: New Swype 1.3 Review
  244. Article: Google’s new Chromebook also comes in 3G model for $329.99
  245. Article: Pictures of Microsoft Surface phone outed by Redmond crew?
  246. Article: Huawei’s first Windows Phone 8 handset (W1) appears in press photo
  247. Article: LG Nexus 4 (E960) might have a 16GB version after all
  248. Article: TECH: 1080p on a smartphone screen—can it possibly matter?
  249. Article: Google's Next Smartphone Leaks Again On Twitter And The Specs Soun
  250. Article: Our Hacker COMEX has come home...

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