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  1. Article: The UMI X2 is a quad-core, 5-inch 1080p smartphone for $260
  2. Article: What the Heck's Wrong with the S3 Calendar??!?
  3. Article: 5 Ways the Samsung Galaxy S IV Can Beat the iPhone
  4. Article: Pentagon to open networks to iOS, Android devices in 2014
  5. Article: Google’s Rubin: No Need for Retail Stores
  6. Article: Google+ sign-in is now part of Google Play Services
  7. Article: Twitter redesigns Windows Phone app with Live Tile support
  8. Article: iOS app store fail: Why one developer found itself unable to suppo
  9. Article: Call For $30 Smartphones To Connect The Next Wave Of Mobile Users
  10. Article: Sony developing Firefox OS hardware, hopes to release first produc
  11. Article: Galaxy S III wins best smartphone by GSMA, Nexus 7 - best tablet
  12. Article: Top 5 Reasons Why Android is (Much) Better than Apple iOS
  14. Article: Sony’s Xperia Z Tablet: Thin, Waterproof, Nice-Looking — and Norma
  15. Article: OPINION: Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC
  16. Article: OPINION: Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC
  17. Article: Windows 7 (finally) gets Internet Explorer 10
  18. Article: A Phone For KTW! No, There´s No AAA Batteries...
  19. Article: ASUS Padfone 2 launching in the UK on March 1
  21. Article: Apple's iPhone 5 Crisis: A Data Vampire on the Loose
  22. Article: Watch Galaxy S4 Launch Event Live stream
  23. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP!
  24. Article: Nokia Set to Go Cheap, Releasing Bargain Smartphones
  25. Article: HP announces $169 Slate 7
  26. Article: SUNDAY READER: The 'bio-inspired' materials that self-repair
  27. Article: BlackBerry Z10 Only $99.99 at Select Best Buy Canada Locations thi
  28. Article: LG to use own chips for Optimus GII
  29. Article: Sony Xperia Z is more than water and dust resistant: it's baby pro
  30. Article: Huawei Ascend P2 finally announced
  31. Article: THE END OF UNLIMITED BBM...
  32. Article: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Yes, it is a phone too.
  33. Article: This Week´s Top Downloads
  34. Article: SUNDAY-RISER!
  35. Article: Facebook Expands Free Calling to Main iOS App
  36. Article: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 spotted at MWC, almost hides your entire h
  37. Article: Video shows Nokia Lumia 620 speedier than Nokia Lumia 920 in some
  38. Article: EXCLUSIVE: We take a peek at the MWC LG Optimus line-up
  39. Article: This is what Android 4.2 might look like on the Samsung Galaxy SII
  40. Article: Windows Phone Apps Of The Week
  41. Article: More renders of Lumia 520, 720
  42. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  43. Article: BB10 101: How to transfer your BlackBerry 7 data to a BlackBerry
  44. Article: Android News: Google Glass, You Tube and Google+, Galaxy S4 Cases.
  45. Article: When cellphones were hideous
  46. Article: Chrome App Launcher Makes PCs More Chromebook-Like
  47. Article: GAMING: Dead Space 3 - Love Grows Cold
  48. Article: Gmail 101: Automatically Clean Up Gmail on a Schedule with This Sc
  49. Article: Mobile World Congress 2013 - what to expect from Android
  50. Article: GAMING: Call of Duty - Black Ops II On Sale
  51. Article: Apple's 'iWatch' Patent Filing Revealed
  52. Article: PayPal Here expands to Europe ahead of mobile payment rival Square
  53. Article: Petition against unlocked phones ruling will force White House res
  54. Article: Steve Kovach of Business Insider Has Found Android ?
  55. Article: TGIF
  56. Article: iOS 6.1.3 update to fix lock screen vulnerability
  57. Article: For The iPhone: NoCrop Automatically Formats Your Photos for Insta
  58. Article: BlackBerry 10 Encryption Comparison to iOS and Android
  59. Article: Google Drive update brings pinch-to-zoom in presentation view
  60. Article: LG announces LTE-enabled Optimus F5 and Optimus F7
  61. Article: LG announces LTE-enabled Optimus F5 and Optimus F7
  62. Article: China’s Red Hackers: The Tale of One Patriotic Cyberwarrior
  63. Article: Google's New Touchscreen Laptop
  64. Article: The iPad Mini 2? Another leak.
  65. Article: Apple and Google app stores are nearing saturation point
  66. Article: PlayStation 4 Details, Specs, Features
  67. Article: Beautiful Widgets hits version 5.1 with new widgets and beta chann
  68. Article: ST-Ericsson brings PC speeds to mobile devices: First 3Ghz smartph
  69. Article: GAMING: About Destiny, the Ambitious Shooter from the Makers of Ha
  70. Article: Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are world's two most popular smartp
  72. Article: Evasi0n jailbreak tool supports iOS 6.1.2; Apple releases iTunes 1
  73. Article: Update Your Mac Please And Avoid Being Hacked Like Apple Was
  74. Article: LG Display drops injunction request on Galaxy Note 10.1, seeks 'al
  75. Article: T-Mobile launches GoSmart prepaid service
  76. Article: Shuttleworth thinks Ubuntu mobile could be profitable, and won't b
  77. Article: NVIDIA unveils Tegra 4i quad-core processor with built-in LTE
  78. Article: Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal
  79. Article: Sunrise for iPhone May Be the Last Calendar App You Ever Use
  80. Article: Samsung developing mobile enterprise platform to compete with Blac
  81. Article: How Microsoft Scroogled Itself
  82. Article: ESSAY: Understanding Technology Cycles
  83. Article: After A Rough 2012, HTC Fires Back At Apple And Samsung With The S
  84. Article: Sony Xperia Z now available in France, rest of EU holds breath
  85. Article: Bill Gates admits mistakes were made at Microsoft in the smartphon
  86. Article: New quick app switching & other concepts show options on the table
  87. Article: The Galaxy S4 in New York?
  88. Article: 5 things to watch for at 2013's biggest mobile-tech show
  89. Article: News From Europe: Nokia, UK Overspending, Orange In Switzerland an
  90. Article: BB10 101: How to Pair BlackBerry Z10 to PlayBook via Bridge
  91. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  92. Article: Apple To Expand Its US Distribution With the Addition Of Staples?
  93. Article: More HTC One teasers appear on Twitter, hint at great camera, ster
  94. Article: LG Optimus G Pro going to North America and Japan in Q2
  95. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP!
  96. Article: Google asks journalists to tone down story of "massive" Google Pla
  97. Article: SUNDAY READER: How Facebook, Vine and Snapchat Make Us Cheat
  98. Article: Will This Be Apple's Curved Glass iWatch ?
  99. Article: This Week´s Top Downloads
  100. Article: Utter – Offline Voice-Command Virtual Assistant For Android
  101. Article: Sidebars on Android - The Best Ubuntu Phone Unity Launchers
  102. Article: SUNDAY-RISER!
  103. Article: Samsung Shows Off S275G Flip for TracFone
  104. Article: T-Mobile's first LTE HotSpot revealed in press image
  105. Article: The black HTC One
  106. Article: Sony Xperia C680X test scores hint at 1080p screen, 4.2 Jelly Bean
  107. Article: Essential Windows Apps You Probably Missed
  108. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  109. Article: BB10 101: How to Sort Files and Images in BlackBerry 10 File Manag
  110. Article: Windows Phone Apps Of The Week
  111. Article: Galaxy S4 specs leaked: Quad-core Exynos processor and more
  112. Article: iOS Apps For You To Try Or Update This Weekend
  113. Article: BlackBerry's high unit sales in UK and Canada may be overestimated
  114. Article: Nokia Lumia 620 Review
  115. Article: AT&T Galaxy Note 2 receiving small security fix OTA update
  116. Article: OPINION: App stores - Gatekeepers, or censors of the mobile Web?
  117. Article: TGIF
  118. Article: Nokia No Longer Feeling the QWERTY Love
  120. Article: Googlers do the Harlem Shake with the Android statues
  121. Article: Analyst: Samsung to manufacture 100 million Galaxy S IV phones
  122. Article: Bb10 101: How to Pair BlackBerry Z10 to PlayBook via Bridge
  123. Article: Apple says software update coming to fix iOS 6.1 passcode vulnerab
  124. Article: Sony Xperia Z to be publically demoed at UK retailer ahead of rele
  126. Article: Android Apps Have a Shady Email-Sharing Policy, and It’s By Design
  127. Article: AT&T clocks average, real-world LTE speeds of 13 Mbps, OpenSignal
  128. Article: Download WhatsApp v3 Holo UI APK
  129. Article: Jim Balsillie abandons ship, sells entire 5.1% stake in the firm h
  130. Article: Negri Electronics Warns US Retailers of ASUS Patent Lawsuit
  131. Article: BB10 101:How to Side-load Android Apps
  132. Article: Windows Phone Sales Were Up 124% Last Quarter
  133. Article: HP To Adopt Android For Upcoming Mobile Devices
  134. Article: SECURITY: Lenovo, PayPal, and others launch the FIDO Alliance to r
  136. Article: Apple may re-architect iOS to utilize more processor cores ahead o
  137. Article: Motorola X Phone will feature entirely new Google experience
  138. Article: Google Search update brings Google Now widget, Fandango and more
  139. Article: Want to complain about text spam? There's an app for that
  140. Article: Being Watched While You Watch TV: What’s So Creepy?
  141. Article: Apple's 4.8-Inch iPhone 6 Won't Be Coming Until June 2014
  142. Article: Opinions: Apple CEO & Samsung EVP
  143. Article: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10: Your questions answered
  144. Article: Android 4.2.2 rolling out to Nexus 10 and 7, GSM Galaxy Nexus
  145. Article: SwiftKey Flow updated
  146. Article: Samsung’s “Project J” to consist of more than just Galaxy S4?
  147. Article: Software Tracks user Activity, predicts Future using Social Networ
  148. Article: Cook says there is room for more Apple iPhone growth
  149. Article: Apple's Cook: Smartphone market is 'a wide-open field'
  150. Article: Verizon HTC Droid DNA and T-Mobile LG Nexus 4 both going for just
  151. Article: LG Optimus G Pro to be hit Japan shelves in April
  152. Article: Google will pay Apple $1 billion to power search in iOS for 2014
  153. Article: If Apple Makes a Smartwatch, This Is the Competition
  154. Article: Astrid Integrates with Your Gmail, Turns Your Email into To-Dos
  155. Article: An iPhone 5 user tries the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  156. Article: EDITORIAL: Adieu BB Z10
  157. Article: Apple issues iOS 6 software fix for iPhone 4S owners
  158. Article: Australia to grill Apple, others on pricing
  159. Article: Samsung retains No. 1 spot in Chinese mobile phone market
  160. Article: HTC One official photo breaks cover
  161. Article: T-Mobile MVNO Solavei to offer BlackBerry Z10 for nearly $1,000
  162. Article: LibreOffice, a Free Alternative to Office, Is New and Improved
  163. Article: Cartoon For The Week
  164. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP!
  165. Article: The Long And Valuable Life Of The iPhone Is Helping Apple Find Imp
  166. Article: Apple Is Developing A Curved-Glass Smart Watch
  167. Article: SUNDAY READER: The inside story of Aaron Swartz’s campaign to libe
  168. Article: On fragmentation, malware, and clicks
  170. Article: This Week´s Top Downloads
  171. Article: SUNDAY-RISER!
  172. Article: BlackBerry and Windows Phone Gaining Second Winds
  173. Article: Official app for NBA All-Star weekend is a slam dunk!
  174. Article: Sprint offers buy one - get one free deal on LG Optimus G
  175. Article: So it begins: Sony Xperia Z available now in Japan
  176. Article: Windows Phone Apps Of The Week
  177. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  178. Article: GAMING: Infinity Blade’s future cut short. Epic drops Impossible S
  179. Article: Latest iOS jailbreak dubbed the most popular ever
  180. Article: Windows Phone users can't download apps. Oops...
  181. Article: Apps To Weather The Storm
  182. Article: T-Mobile running out of stock after $49.99 sale for the Google Nex
  183. Article: Editor's Letter: When the rubber hits the road
  184. Article: Apple planning 'iPhone 5S' and new 5-inch 'iPhone 6' for 2013
  185. Article: Samsung starts Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S II
  186. Article: One million Nexus 4 units already shipped according to estimates
  187. Article: GAMING: Metal Slug 2 for Android
  188. Article: INFOGRAPHIC: Where Do Our Mobile Phones Go To Die?
  189. Article: Tablets Still Cannot Replace Laptop, Desktop PCs: 10 Reasons Why
  190. Article: Solavei, Ready SIM promise LTE support as soon as T-Mobile launche
  191. Article: LinkedIn proves it's no Facebook (in a good way)
  192. Article: Surface Pro versus MacBook Air: Who's being dishonest with storage space?
  193. Article: TGIF
  194. Article: BlackBerry to Cease Sales In Japan
  195. Article: Wozniak Warns That Apple’s Competition Has Caught Up
  196. Article: Ubuntu smartphones set for October launch in two markets
  197. Article: LG Optimus 4X HD, L7, and L9 to get Jelly Bean within months
  198. Article: WHAT I SAY: The BlackBerry Z10
  199. Article: BlackBerry Z10 Jumps Off to a Record-Setting Start in Canada and U
  200. Article: Apple looking to expand role of Siri as an 'OS within an OS'
  201. Article: How to Track the Emails You Send (and Avoid Being Tracked Yourself
  202. Article: Vodafone Windows Phone 8 launch detailed with pricing
  203. Article: Microsoft Alludes to Possible Surface Pro Cover With Extended Batt
  204. Article: DropBox Releases New Sync APIs for Android and iOS Devs
  205. Article: HTC teases new phone with bizarre cybernetic heart
  206. Article: RUMOR: Samsung will unveil the GALAXY S IV on March 15th and on sa
  207. Article: ITC to rule on Apple's complaint against Samsung on August
  208. Article: WinAMP for Android gets notification controls
  209. Article: Microsoft Surface Pro, the Surface That’s More PC Than Tablet
  210. Article: ACLU researcher slams carriers for lax Android security
  211. Article: BlackBerry's Q10 smartphone may not hit U.S. until May or June
  212. Article: GAMING: Dead Space 3 review - What have I become, my sweetest frie
  213. Article: Apple loses iPhone naming rights in Brazil
  214. Article: New BB to Be Released in U.S. in Mid-March
  215. Article: Pew Research Finds Most Facebook Users...
  216. Article: Here are 10 cool things to do with your newly-Jailbroken iOS devic
  217. Article: Samsung Galaxy Exhibit: a Galaxy S III mini for T-Mobile USA
  218. Article: Amazon cuts the price of its two Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablets
  219. Article: Huawei set to launch a mini version of the P2 at the MWC, to have
  220. Article: Sony Xperia V Jelly Bean update seeding to users now
  221. Article: GAMING: The Cave Review - Spelunking for Souls
  222. Article: It's HERE! Untethered Jailbreak Finally Released for iOS 6!
  223. Article: Man Hurt as Samsung Phone (Note) Explodes in Pants Pocket
  224. Article: BlackBerry Z10 Off to a Strong Start in U.K.
  225. Article: Why 'Six Strikes' could be a nightmare for anyone with shared Inte
  226. Article: Cartoon For The week
  227. Article: SUNDAY WRAP-UP
  229. Article: Android web share falls, Apple rises, and what that really means
  230. Article: Watch Samsung’s complete Super Bowl Ad before the game
  231. Article: ASUS Padfone Jelly Bean update seeding next week
  232. Article: Android: Set Custom DPI without losing Play Store app Compatibilit
  233. Article: SUNDAY READER: Goodbye Silicon, Hello DNA. The Future of Data Stor
  234. Article: The Top Downloaded Apps Of The Week
  235. Article: The Reasons Why You Should Buy Microsoft’s New Version Of Office
  236. Article: Paul Kedrosky´s Theory About What Has Gone Wrong At Apple
  237. Article: Prepare Your Device for Untethered iOS 6.1 Jailbreak
  238. Article: SUNDAY RISER!
  239. Article: Windows Phone Apps
  240. Article: Android Apps Of The Week
  241. Article: The basics on malware
  242. Article: Samsung Galaxy S4 a no-show at Mobile World Congress
  243. Article: Verizon Announces Prepaid Plans for 3G Smartphones
  244. Article: WSJ: Eric Schmidt calls China 'the most sophisticated and prolific
  245. Article: Path appears not to have learned its lesson
  246. Article: Samsung Ukraine to update the Galaxy S II and Note in March Galaxy
  247. Article: HTC M7 expected to arrive on all US carriers other than Verizon
  248. Article: Action Launcher 1.2.0 update brings new search feature, improves c
  249. Article: Twitter confirms theft of 250,000 user names, emails in hack
  250. Article: IDC says Android is the new king of tablet market share

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