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let's see..... wake up to a nice breakfast, after sleeping in some of course. eggs, ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Re: Your Perfect Day......(makeitupasyougoalong)


    let's see.....

    wake up to a nice breakfast, after sleeping in some of course. eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. go to the spa for a nice massage and facial. get a manicure and pedicure while i'm at it. come home, hop in the neons and my boyfriend and i head to the track where we find there's only about 50 cars there so we can hot lap all night if we want. all our track buddies are there and we can hang out in the lanes all night. and hey it's free race gas night! get in about 20 runs, of which all 20 of course are perfect runs and i get some good times in. and i don't even get hassled about not having a cage. go out to eat with everyone after the track and have a few beers, everyone is happy. i head back home and snuggle up with the man.

    the best part is i can actually have that day, it's really not too hard. well, the 20 perfect runs is lol

    other variation......

    everything is the same except instead of going to the track i go out with my boyfriend in the city for dinner, maybe a play or something. or cirque, that's always fun. maybe a ride in a horse drawn carriage with some cider and roasted chestnuts. then skating in bryant park. see the tree at rockerfeller plaza. oh and some of that awesome hot chocolate from la maison du chocolat. don't know if all that could be fit into a night but it sounds nice.

    as you can see i'm pretty easy to please lol

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    Re: Your Perfect Day......(makeitupasyougoalong)

    Interesting thread

    Mine would be:

    Wake up with my girl on my side, she wakes up early for work so it would be nice to have her next to me and i know its late on a weekday. hahaha

    Have some morning fun Get some breakfast overlooking the beach.

    Go crazy on shopping buying her stuff. Oh of course we guys like presents too

    Have some smoothie.

    Go home and rest..

    Get ready for dinner

    Eat somewhere downtown la jolla.

    Go to a piano bar

    Sneak out, buy my girl roses

    Walk her to the car

    Surprise her with a wedding ring sitting on the passenger side (leave the lights on)

    Hopefully she'd say yes. Give her a kiss

    And finally take her to my last surprise a good ole ice cream place. (our favorite)

    ** end **

    Sorry i am a little cheesy. This is what i am going to do for my proposal.

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    Re: Your Perfect Day......(makeitupasyougoalong)

    ^^that's not cheesy... it's cute!

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    Re: Your Perfect Day......(makeitupasyougoalong)

    my perfect day....

    wake up at around 8:30 and have the sun beaming in my face

    put on clothes and put on my favorite pair of sneakers

    go to my cousins house with all of my other family members there

    have a grand slam breakfast

    play halo/gears for about 2 hours or so

    meet up with my dream girl and buy her ANYTHING she wants. of course i dont need anything

    have lunch at the most fanciest restaurant with the lovely dream girl and fly her back to hollywood because jessica alba is always doing something

    head to the mall with my family and buy out everything we like

    head back to my 20room mansion and have a big dinner with my family and close friends

    play a couple family games and make fun of the crazy cousins

    head to bed and pop on my ' chill mode ' playlist on my ipod!

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