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    your own country vs iraq


    Who should we help the most? From another thread its clear that no-one really knows why troops are there, but they are and that's that.
    So without turning this into another iraq politics thread, does anyone think the government should look after their own country first? Here in the uk we have a recession (or howwever you spell it), unemployment is high, violence on the streets is getting worse by quantity and quality - gone are the days of a drunken brawl, these days its knives or worse. How about sorting these kind of problems out before trying to liberate a country that ultimately has been in war with itself for years before we came along anyway?

    Thoughts on that, please

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    I agree 100% with what you are saying! The US is having the same sorts of problems with recession, crime, not to mention health insurance issues, etc., etc. I'm all about helping other people, but it truly seems like we should take care of people at "home" before we look to get involved in situations outside the country (excepting horrendous natural disasters and other extreme situations).

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    I say nationalism is suppose to be a huge thing with ones country. However, find out what type of country Iraq wants to be and help them a little to get to that goal. Of course if they want to be led by terrorist leaders then no way. But just like America did to britian after the revolutionary war. America did it by themselves for the most part they did have a little help from some other countries as well
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    I was in the bank the other day and there was a story about Horse fighting in the Philippines and how terrible this was. This was also picked up by the papers the next day. I was in Manila not so long ago and I seen the slums that people lived in, it reminded me of the slums that we used to see from South Africa. I think that 60% of the people in manila live in utter squalor. For me people are more important than a few horse. I'm not saying that the horse fighting is right we just need to get things in order.
    The news these days are always pushing their angle or trying to shock us.
    I don't know where I'm going with this but just there is worse things be done to humans in the Philippines and I never see that on the news.

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