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The Etna Board of Selectmen have made a decision to lock out the Etna Fire Department after the Fire Chief posted a video of himself responding to a call on You Tube.

Chief Goodell shot the video with his own camera from inside his personal vehicle. Chief Goodell has been quoted as saying, "I have some disagreements about my freedom to make video recordings from within my privately owned vehicle."
The boards decision to lock out the fire department seems harsh since their concern is with the actions of a single member and not the actions of the entire department. Chief Goodell went on to say, "The board's reaction to that is harsh and irresponsible, and it puts the citizens of this town at risk."

Coverage for the town has been arranged by the Town Manager from nearby towns. There is great concern from the firefighters in Etna regarding the safety of their beloved community and the unnecessary risk of relying on other communities to take on the burden of this rural town.

The town's rescue service has been shut down since it operates as unit within the fire department organization. EMS Chief Sean Harrington has this to say, "The actions of the select board are unconscionable and deplorable. The safety of the town's citizens is being jeopardized over what could have been resolved with a simple conversation."

While equipment was being turned in today the board had called a Penobscott County Sheriff's deputy in to supervise the equipment turn in. All firefighters have been instructed to return equipment immediately.

No members or representatives of the fire department were present or consulted before the vote and decision was made.
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