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Wow what a joyful evening it has been for me today. Knowing my beloved red ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Yankees Suck!


    Wow what a joyful evening it has been for me today. Knowing my beloved red Sox are enjoying the week off resting for game 1 of the ALCS.

    I am sad to see Joe Torre go. He truly is a class act. As for the rest of the Yankees it was great just to see the faces they had after the game ended.

    I wonder what made me smile more Johnny Damon's look of dispair right after the game knowing if he stayed with the Sox he would have a chance at another ring? Or the look of dispair on the fans in the crowd that you are so used to seeing on the fans of the red Sox. Great night ut has been. I am laying in bed as I write this trying to fall asleep and no luck. Oh well. Go red Sox! Red Sox fans feel free to pin me and we can do a group chat watching the game on BB messenger!


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    Re: Yankees Suck!

    ~via BB ( lol you know me all too well Eric... I will hold back on my comments

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    Re: Yankees Suck!

    "I don't think we're ready to see Roger Clemens' last steps off the mound, or Joe Torre's last game." - Damon

    What a joke. Quote was from few nights back when they just avoided a shut out. I'm from NY and fact is New York just sucks right now. First Mets and now the Yankees? How freakin' embarassing. Those bums just lost themselves a great manager because they left their A-game at home along with their dignity and now they have a nice longg post season to dwell on it. I welcome next season when they are welcomed to a sea of 'boos' for messing up such a good thing.

    Peace out Torre. It wasn't your time. *removes Mets fitted and pays respect*

    "And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Bible passage Steinzekiel 25:17

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    Re: Yankees Suck!

    I have to say this the Red Sox arent gonna win the WS. So I will enjoy watching the look on your teams and fans face when you get eliminated.

    As a Yankees fan I have to say I am embarrassed by the teams performance. Three years in a row we lost in the first round. This team needs to get rebuilt from the ground up. We have some good pitching prospects and some good young postion players. First off Joe Torre needs to stay its not his fault. Second let A-ROD go (hard to say because he has been my favorite baseball player even when he was with the Mariners) and trade Derek Jeter (yes I said it, hes no longer the player he was). Next get rid of Giambi and Abreu. Hope by getting rid of these players you get some good prospects. Resign Posada as he can lead the young pitchers with his experience. Then spend the next few years developing players even if we dont make the playoffs right away. Honestly right now this team is not competitive for a WS and the only way they can be is to make huge changes. Also stop spending money on every expensive player on the market.

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