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    Why Taken Men Aren't As Happy As The Single Ones!


    Lavagirl's thread on why men are happier seemed to be geared towards single men, this one is geared for the taken or married...

    Why Taken Men Are Just Miserable:

    * The garage that is supposed to be all yours has your wifes/girlfriends car taking up all the room!
    * Wedding plans take care of themselves by women, men get yelled at for not helping
    * You can get lost while driving, and your wife/gf just laughs instead of helps!
    * When channel surfing, you're asked to stop channel surfing so your wife/gf can watch someone cry
    * Wrinkles add character... and your wife/ gf constantly reminds you of how much "character" you got
    * You can go to the bathroom and get yelled at for crinkling up the towels
    * Wedding dress -- $5,000; tux rental -- $100, making your girlfrined happy for the rest of her life --
    empty wallet!
    * Your hairy chest comes up as dinner conversation with your parents
    * When the wife/ GF is pregnant, she wakes you up from deep sleep to pick her up icecream!
    * The occasional well rendered belch is practically shamed when the woman out burps the man!
    * One mood, ALL the time, that rarely gets taken care of
    * Phone bills are high when the wife/ GF talks for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours!
    * You know didaly squat about tank tops and other women's clothes
    * You have to open every jar for your woman while she cooks, instead of enjoying the game on TV
    * Hot wax never comes near your pubic area, unless your wife/ GF hates your hairy body
    * You get your @$$ kicked if you forget something
    * If someone forgets to invite you to something, your wife/GF will never let you see them again!
    * All your orgasms are real one night, the next you don't get anything cuz her's was fake!
    * You're expected to buy her $50 underwear
    * You're thought of aas a public embarassment!
    * Telling a dirty joke with your woman present gets you a frown and a slap upside the head!
    * You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes so your wife/ GF makes you take them off to iron
    while you're on your way out the door
    * If you don't cut your hair when she tells you it's getting long, no more nookie for you!
    * You don't have to shave below your neck, unless it portrudes out of your T-Shirt, she'll let you know!
    * Your belly usually hides your big hips, so you're asked not to drink beer anymore because your
    weight embarasses her in public
    * Your Christmas and Birthday presents consist of wallets and shoes
    * If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you must have planned it, and your wife/GF
    doesn't want to be seen with you anymore
    * You get nagged for biting your nails
    * You warn your pals "getting laid might result in commitment."
    * You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache, but it must be well kept, or no more
    * You must endure through your womans Christmas shopping: Black Friday all the way till Christmas
    * You're repsonible for the mistakes you make, and for the mistakes she makes
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    Re: Why Taken Men Aren't As Happy As The Single Ones!

    ~via BB ( much sums it up if your whipped

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    Re: Why Taken Men Aren't As Happy As The Single Ones!


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    Re: Why Taken Men Aren't As Happy As The Single Ones!

    OMG Dude!
    You're SO TRUE!!

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