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    which browser is better?


    I am using the miniopera and the BB browser. Why are they so different? The miniopera is great when you want to go backwards. It doesn't reload the page like the BB does. But the BB doesn't require you to select the text box in order to type in it. Nor does it require you to double click a button. Am I doing something wrong here?

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    Mecheng, you're not doing anything wrong. Both browsers are different in their own ways. I personally prefer the BB Browser because I feel that it is a little quicker than Opera. However, there are some web pages that the BB Browser can't read (MySpace, etc.) that Opera can.

    I think it's mostly personal preference. Some people absolutely love the Operamini browswer. I keep the Opera browser to use for the web pages that I can't ready with my BB Browswer. Also, Opera sometimes makes certain web pages much easier to read.

    Experiment and see which is more to your liking. Or keep both.

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    Yes it is a personal preference. Both of them function differently.
    Mini Opera, when it works, is a great application. However from my personal experience mini opera SUCKS!!!!

    Once again this is my personal experience with the application.

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    I've noticed certain pages load good on OperaMini & some load good on the BB browser!

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