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Weird title huh? but anywho.. So tonight history was made. Obama became the first African ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Where were you in history?


    Weird title huh? but anywho..

    So tonight history was made. Obama became the first African American to receive the presidential nomination from the democratic party. How ever you feel about either candidate, history was made today. Now this is NOT a political thread, just a question..

    Where were you when history was made, not tonight but at any other point in history. You pick.

    Lets see - for me I'll do 911 I was sitting at home on my couch combing my sons hair. It was my day off, I was working 4 10 hour shifts for a DsL provider in Ohio. I was SOOOOOOOO scared that day, I lived on the 4th floor of an apartment building and all I could think about was going down to the basement for the rest of the day. My cousin called me and wanted me to bring him my broken cell phone, I dont remember what he wanted it for, but it was an old phone I wasnt using anymore. I drove over to his house shaking the whole way. I could not believe what happened. (really still cant to this day, it still saddens me)

    How about you, name a day in history and tell us where you were and what you were doing.
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    For the past few days I have been watching fox news, but I didn't watch tonights. I am getting a bit tired of democratic talk so I just went out with my family to eat out at some chinese food.

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    Okay, this was a loooooong time ago but I was in second grade when the Challenger space shuttle exploded, we were watching it on TV in our classroom. I believe our teacher was in shock and didn't know what to do because she left the TV on. Then, an announcement came on asking that all students be brought to the auditorium.

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    I was out the front of my parents house playing with my dog, was a lovely sunny day. My mother came out to tell me a plane had crashed into the WTC. I went into the house thinking it was a small plane. I watched the other plane go in and remember thinking ' America has pissed someone off' . A day I will never forget.

    Champions League Semi-Final 1999.
    Was in collage and watched the game on tv. I would rate it as the most amazing performance I have ever seen from a sportsman. The man in question was Roy Keane. At that time we was arguably the best midfielder in the world at that time. Early in the game he got a yellow card caution which meant that he would miss the final. We where down by 2 goals. He dragged us back into it. To be able to do that knowing that u will miss the final, amazing. He ruled the game.

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    I was @ home it was my day off. A friend called me to say it had happened and like millions of others I watched the horror unfold on TV!
    I also remember by the weeks end I was ready to enlist in the military!

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    I was a Junior in High School and it happened right before second period economics class and my teacher was freaking out!

    I didn't totally understand what was going on(hell no one did) I remember making jokes about it.
    "Oh you know that pilot must have been drunk" and so on

    very tense period as everyone (who knew more about what was going on then I did) just stared in disbelief at me.

    I was a kid who thrived on Chaos I didn't think towers were falling, I mean I live pretty close to mountains and you hear about single engine plans hitting the foot hills a lot. There is still wreckage of a plane that hit close to the top like a decade ago now, that was never brought down. Planes crashing (while not a common event) happens, I really didn't think huge amounts of people were dieing. bad day.
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