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    Re: Whats your sign?



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    Re: What's your sign?

    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha
    After reading the psychic thread it kinda made me curious to know what sign all you stackers are....and any attributes that go along with that sign...

    I will start us off...

    Mine's Leo...

    Attribiutes of a Leo...

    Like the lion, you are a leader. You are open hearted and frank, and rarely are you cruel in your desire to rule and lead. Pride may be something that might get in your way. It may cause you to present yourself as overbearing and dominating. Because of your ambitious nature, you hate being held down by details, but prefer doing things in a large and flamboyant manner. You are a person of great affection and strive to bring happiness to your loved ones. As a result of your active mind, and warm disposition, many people look up to you and admire your independence and ambitiousness. You are quick to anger, but equally quick to forgive.

    That's me ...pretty accurat

    My sign... is "Yield." Well that's only if I got hit on by a dude. For all you ladies out there I'm a Taurus. I'm stubborn, I'm mentally strong, and according to astrologists, Taurus' are great in bed. OKay, maybe I made that last part up.

    Hey ladies... how YOU doin?
    It's not an iPhone addiction, it's insomnia!

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