This site has helped me through so much and thank you to all of the users on here who gave their reviews that finally convinced me to purchase my Pearl w/ MyFaves from T-mobile. I absolutely love it. I know I have almost never posted but I would like to do something for the community on here. Please let me know your thoughts on this and help me out if you can.

I design web sites for a living and have access to my own personal VPS with 50000 Gigs of bandwidth per month as well as up to 20 Gigs of storage. I would like to design a wap site that can be accessed from blackberry's and eventually other phones so that users can easily download free content straight onto their phone. I put together a small concept site tonight and like the way that it is turning out.

The categories that I have already created are:

Blackberry OTA Downloads
Blackberry Ringtones
Blackberry Themes
Blackberry Wallpapers
***Are there any categories that I am missing?***

Inside each category the person will select their Blackberry model and will then see the available downloads.

I have made it so that users have to create an account in order to log in so that I can easily protect my download links from being hotlinked all over the web and wasting my bandwidth. The registration process is simple however, the user will only be required to select a username, password, provide an email address, and optionally provide their pin number for communication purposes(I do not know if this last part is necessary seeing as the blackberry is an email machine).

One problem that I am running into is finding content to put in. I do not have a problem with the ringers and images, there will also be the option for users to contribute to make this the biggest database ever. My content problems lie with the OTA downloads. I would like to host every possible free OTA download on the site. Does anyone know where I can get a complete database of OTA downloads of Blackberry software?

I know this is a lot to read and I appreciate any comments or questions that you have regarding this and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.