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No, you didn't blame it all on the prez. A couple of responses did, so ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    No, you didn't blame it all on the prez. A couple of responses did, so my weigh in was more directed at those statements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xalizex View Post
    First off, agreed. Secondly I certainly hope my post did not come across as presidential blame for high oil prices. That was not intended to be implied what so ever. I think a majority of Americans are willing to accept that our current president was not the best to say the least. With the exception of the few avid bush supporters. This of course can all be considered just personal opinion as I have no real facts to back this up at least not in numbers or on paper. That being said, I only meant to casually put out there who I am voting for without actually coming out and saying it. Anyways I feel as though I'm rambling so ill cut right to it. High prices on oil are over due and as hard as it is in the pocket (and believe me I know because I'm far from rich and barely making middle class) we needed something to press us to find other resources. With that I conclude. Have a fabulous day and hey Happy fourth of July!

    Thats ok, I am with you. Only I will come out and say it. Our current president was useless and will forvever be. The American people have grown sick of him. We have come to rely too much on oil and more so in the last 8 years than ever before. If you notice, that is when gas prices started to jump to ridiculous levels. Perhaps like you said, that is a good thing in the long run. Perhaps it wil push us to seriously explore other means and not just discuss them. I live in NYC . I dont drive as I take the train everywhere but I can see how much our economy relies on oil and how much it affects everything we do. It is pushing more people to take public transportation and when we do prices are inflated because the MTA can now make more money off us us straphangers. Consumer goods are getting more expensive as it is costing more $$$$$$$ to transport them. I go to the store and i find out a pack of sliced aamerican cheese (24 slices) is $5.29. Milk is well over $4 a gallon and so on and so forth...
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    It is like many have said we have had it so good for so long, Now we are reaping what has been sown!~via BB (

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