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    After several serial killings at a campground, a crack case team of FBI agents investigate the grisly murders. When the hockey masked murder, Jason, reveals himself, the s*** hits the fan and the FBI agents get killed, all but one.

    Agent Doggett speeds back to FBI Headquarters and gives his report. His Assistant Director, Walter Skinner, can only think of one thing; calling his old colleagues Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

    Former Agents Mulder and Scully answer the call of their old employer and help along with the investigation. Mulder has the knowledge of the paranormal and cult activities and Scully is a medical doctor and science buff.

    Upon arriving, the investigation begins. After days of running from the angry goalie the mystery begins to unfold… Jason is being controlled by an angry child wizard called Harry Potter. Mulder decides Jason is too strong and builds an impenetrable suit of armor to destroy the killer. Harry Potter escapes Fox Mulder, aka Iron Man, and Scully begs Mulder to put his knowledge of the occult to the test to go find Harry, but Mulder is drunk with power in his new suit of armor.

    Fox goes on a vigilante rampage, going out and fighting the forces of evil with Hell Boy, the hell spawn raised by man. Scully is now frightened and contacts her current boyfriend, Bruce Wayne, for help in bringing her partner in. She knows he is friends with the Dark Knight, the Batman.

    After a no holds brawl nearly destroyed every city in between DC and Gotham, a rain of nuclear missles fall from the sky, killing billions! A small band of humans merge together to fight the newest world threat, Skynet. Hundreds of cyborg machines are launched and programed to infiltrate all humans and destroy them.

    The machines nearly win, and force the humans underground near the earth’s core, where it’s still warm. The last human city of the world is named Zion and the battle ensues. The machines figure out the building blocks of growing human beings and develop a computerized reality to insert them into, so they can feed off the energy the human bodies produce.

    John Conner, the leader of the human resistance, decides to send a man back into time to prevent this war. Kyle Reese is sent back in time to Crystal Lake to stop Fox Mulder from becoming Iron Man, but is instead mistakingly sent to a small town where a UFO crashed releasing Alien serpent-like creatures. A lone Predator alien comes to destroy to aliens, but it’s too late. A nuclear bomb falls and destroys the city, putting it into war against the machines.

    John Connor learns of the news that the future couldn’t be prevented and decides to stay and fight. After many long years John Connor dies in Morpheus’ arms, telling Morpheus, “You need to free him, free… the… One….”

    Death rattle, enter the credits.[/FONT]

    ***Ooops! I forgot to mention this is filled with SPOILERS!!!***

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