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    Re: Things to do with an Iphone.


    Sell it on the street for half the price then use that money to buy a new BB
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    Re: Things to do with an Iphone.

    probably makes a decent ice scrapper for cold winters

    could use it to crack nuts, possibly crack open crab shells

    you could use two iPhones together as sort of a "pooper-scooper"
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    Re: Things to do with an Iphone.

    Dude... this guy called wanting an IPhone. All he wanted it for was to access the web, I thought about switching him on a blackberry, but I wanted to make the deal sound sweet and I wanted to make some money (we don't make any on the phones).

    So I pitch the hell out of the Blackjack and what it can do, told him the IPhone is $400 and that I can get him the Blackjack, a bluetooth, a carcharger, and a 1GB SD card for $100 with no rebates to hastle with. He wanted the Iphone still because data would be $10 less than on the Blackjack. Then he asked if he can use the IPhone as a modem and I thought, "YEs! I can switch him!" I told him no (which is true) and the Blackjack can... all he would have to do is get a tethering plan. Told him the normal Laptop Connect plan is $60, and that for $70 he can get the net on his BJ and use the BJ as a modem to tether his 3G signal into his laptop at Broadband speeds. Iphone can't do that and it's slower. Then he says "but my daughter really wants an IPhone." I explained to him the difference between 3G and EDGE speeds. So instead of $100 with waived shipping and handling on a device with 3 accessories, he paid $400 and $14.95 shipping and handling costs for an IPhone that I can't activate.

    Oh yeah, and IPhones also make good coasters!
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