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The scene with the shark is enough for me to want to see this movie. ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Strange Wilderness


    The scene with the shark is enough for me to want to see this movie. Looks like your typical Adam Sandler /Co. production.

    Anyone seen it yet?

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    Re: Strange Wilderness

    Yeh I saw it last Friday. I was kinda disappointed as I think Steve Zahn (spl) is hilarious along with the other guy from Superbad!!! But I just didnt find this movie to be all that consistently funny. I had high hopes goin in and was kinda bummed when I left. There were a few really funny scenes (one with a missing map and a girl who gets it back from the guy who stole it by way of questionable clothing-less means, and then the guys in her group all announcing they had a map too that they would give up if she used those same means), and yeh the shark tooth laughing scene was really funny as well. But overall, not a complete barrel of laughs, it got old after a while. Just depends on your mood though. Have not really recommended it the way I did some other funny movies this past year. But it did have bare boobs in it though :-)
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