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    Simple Thanks


    I truly had no idea where I should put this but I just wanted to say thank you to every one. All of the the people that put hard work into making this site and all of the people that are just user's like my self that take the time to answer questions and give directions. I'm obviously new to the whole black berry thing and this site has been such a big help. I tell all my coworkers and friends with black berry's about it and I just honestly wanted to say much appreciated. Again thanks for all of the help and sorry if there was some where else I should have put this.

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    Re: Simple Thanks

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyer still not getting my Bud Light

    The above commentary is for entertainment purposes only. If this was actual joke the tone you just heard would have been followed by emergency response information. It's supposed to be fun people.

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    Re: Simple Thanks

    ~via BB (! deffinitely there are many people in here that help. This is an awesome place to be. Welcome to pinstack!

    Just a lil reminder to everyone don't let someones help go unrewarded give them some trust points!

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