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Originally Posted by vera hi there Flash, i am a Realtor but not in Cali ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Re: Real Estate Exam


    Quote Originally Posted by vera
    hi there Flash, i am a Realtor but not in Cali much less the US so i cant really give you any constructive advice that will help wiht your exam. i do wish you all the best of luck though, not only for your exam but for your career as well. It is hard getting started and establishing a solid client base at first. i totally love my career and dont look back ever!! Let us know how it goes ok?
    Glad your enjoying your RE career Vera, I hope I enjoy mine too with less hardship heheh Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Real Estate Exam

    Hey Flash24 keep one thing in mind when you're out there hustling RE deals. This business (as any other service related business) relies alot on your reputation.

    Don't be seduced by the dark side, lol. It might be difficult and you may not turn over the fast money, BUT you will be able to stay in business alot longer and the success will definitely be sweeter.

    So do the right thing- your clients will appreciate it.

    "Things that you want to change in the world have to start inside yourself. You have to be thinking. You have to be resisting. You have to be talking."
    – George Carlin

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    Re: Real Estate Exam

    read alot on the real estate laws and write down notes the exam may be open book. its easy.

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