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Originally Posted by abdeoul21 Thanks Buddy You Just Saved Me 7.95 $7.95??!! $7.95??!! Where the ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by abdeoul21 View Post
    Thanks Buddy You Just Saved Me 7.95


    Where the heck can you go to a movie that cheap?

    Where are you from?

    I'm in So-Cal... it costs $10.25 for a matinee, and $11.25 to go after 6pm!!! After popcorn, drinks, and candy, you're spending almost $30!

    Thats why I sneak my food in

    Also, haven't seen the movie yet... was going to until the whole damn story plot was given away!!! I joke.... still probably going to go see it. NEver knew what it was about until now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mserica513 View Post
    someone should include a spoiler alert at the top of this thread. geez..
    I agree 1000%.

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    even if it is a spoiler, there is more to a movie then the main plot. I'd still want to see it just cuz rosario dawson is in it. And even though this sounds childish, but there is always the possibility of a random boob pop'n outta nowhere. Hell, I went to go see that movie that was a cross between the blair witch project and godzilla, and that movie was straight garbage.

    But on the other hand, seven pounds sounds like a good name for a movie about weed. You know, like cocaine cowboys or blow. Atleast that's how I woulda done it and put a random boob in it somewhere. But I guess that's the reason I deal with cars and not make movies huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 360Challenge View Post
    Has anyone else seen this movie? It is with Will Smith and the whole story is about how he got into a car accident after checking his email on his Blackberry and he ends up killing 7 people including his wife... really interesting movie.
    It was a great movie. That being said you should change the title of the thread to add "PLOT SPOILERS." Or a moderator could do it for you.
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