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Does anyone else dislike how pinstack now has iphone and windows topics? I know they ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Pinstack integration


    Does anyone else dislike how pinstack now has iphone and windows topics? I know they used to be here, but they were minimal. I used to visit this site every day to see sweet blackberry news and chat and not have to deal with the iphone tools. Now the front page is 75% iphone related ****. I used to absolutely love this site, and now i almost hate coming here.......

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    I took me while to get used to it too.
    Think this is the 2nd redesign I have seen. You have to remember that the updates to this site are the reason its the best forum for bb users. Just think it as a fresh coat of paint on our house. All the same people are still here.
    Hope u get used to the changes.
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    I'm starting to get used to it. I have to have a bookmark for every main thread which makes my bookmarks look very cluttered. Lol
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    Yeah it takes a litle getting used to but it grows on you with time. Give it a chance . . .

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