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    Out of Gas


    So there's a Nun on her way to the hospital to help the nurses, but while she's on the road her car runs out of gas! She lets it roll over to the side of the road, gets out and walks over to a gas station a couple of blocks away. Unfortunately, the gas station has no gas can, so she walked back to her car. She started looking for something to put gas in, and in the trunk found a bed pan. She took it over, got a gallon of gas in the bed pan, walked back to the car and started pouring the gas into the tank. A couple of guys passed by while she was pouring, and one said to the other: "If that car starts, I'm turning into a Catholic"

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    love it!
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    Same reaction here. That would be a site to. See though. ~via BB (

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    Thumbs up Hilarious

    That's a good one, Mark Stone. Thanks for the laugh

    You appear to have a good sense of humour.
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    Thanks Mark, I needed a good laugh tonight.

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