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Hey, all, as some of you know, my partner and I are adopting a baby ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Other names for "mom"?


    Hey, all, as some of you know, my partner and I are adopting a baby boy. She's already claimed the name "mom", and I guess I'll let her because she's paying for most of the adoption. So, we're trying to figure out a name for him to call me. We don't want to do "mommy", "ma", anything that's too close to mom. He's already gonna have 2 moms, we don't want to confuse him any more!

    So, I really need some suggestions! Maybe mom in different languages, etc., I don't know! Thanks!
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    ok so a couple of things, first of all I see nothing wrong with 2 moms, however there could be the whole identity thing, so why not revert to the old days such as ma (first name) and ma(your partners first name)

    such as nuns ya know like sister sarah and sister kim

    so you would have ma sarah and ma kim

    i dont know i mean there are lots of substitutes you could use instead of mom, but your dealing with a baby so none of that means anything to him, its not like he is going to grow up and someone will ask him ok who is your mom? and he get confused.

    He will grow up different than others and not in a bad way, just different if you know what i mean.

    Yet he still needs something to differentiat you 2 however if you look at is as you are both parents, then what ever word you want to use to seperate you 2 is going to be just fine.

    Its not like your trying to hide anything or trick him, because he is a baby, its like languages, when you are born your native speak is what you are around right? so if you speak french then thats native or if you speak english thats native, but a child will learn both just as well and end up having that as their native, get what im trying to say?

    The baby needs to identify each of you some how, and wont know that dad or pa is missing until they are much older and by then you should have taught them what it is they dont have that others do, which is a mom and dad, yet they still have what everyone else does have which is 2 loving parents.

    ok I jabbered enough

    you could even switch it up however you want mamma p mamma c or mom last name mom partners last name so on and so forth

    just some ideas and thoughts
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    Here's a site I found:

    Then, go to Mother's Day Fun> Mothers in different languages

    A lot of the titles sound like a name, but who knows, something might work for you.

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    Madre is spanish

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    T-lady means mom
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    Thanks, everyone! We decided on Ama, means mother in Hindu. (That's what the gf told me anyway!)
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