Obopay lets you send money to anyone's mobile phone number from your mobile phone or from their web site. It costs only 10 cents to send money, it's secure, and there's no other fee's besides the 10 cents. You can recieve funds from credit cards up to $200 per 24 hours for only 10 cents (no fees).

Spend Your Money
As soon as you get money, you can spend it! When you sign up, you get issued a free prepaid Obopay cash card linked to your Obopay account (card arrives in 5-10 days). This free prepaid Obopay cash card gives you an instant access to money in your Obopay account and can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted, including at ATMs. Once your card is activated, you'll get $5 added to your account.

You can have funds from your obopay account depositted into a differnt bank account if you wish or have a check mail to you.

This is litterly a bank account replacement. You can link this debit card and direct deposit account info to a paypal and an ebay account and be all set to go as a seller.

Here's their FEES

email me your email address so I can send you a referral link. Everyone gets $5 free per each account for signing up, and I'll get $5 too for saying that I was the one who recommended it to you.