Just in (Breaking News)New blackberry patients* the ability to clap your hands and your BB beeps in response (great for those of us who can never remember where we put the darn thing)* call drop notifier so that we don't look like idiots when the other person hasn't been on the phone during that 15min conversation* new voice system that will replace the current voice dial. "Please say a command" will be replaced with "hello big boy" for the guys and "did you loose weight?"For the gals. It will also transcribe voice to text so those idiots would drive with both hands and actually look where they are going vs. trying to text someone an email while driving 75 down a highway* auto response key that can be adapted to respond with your specified text. For example your in a meeting and you receive a call and you send it to voicemail. Then the person calls right back thinking your going to pick up now! With this feature you can create a statement (ex. I'm with your wife, give me 5min) ,when the call or text comes in you can hit a hot key and away it goes.* finger print recognition and built in taser that will teach that moron/spouse not to play with your bb. People learn better when they are inconpasitated * teflon coated bb to keep things from sticking and scratching* the makers of yo yo's are working with bb to create a system that will allow your bb to come back to you when you drop your freakin phone. * ability to silence the camera sound when taking a pic. Honestly, I like to keep it a secret when I'm taking pics of other guys girls. (Hehehe-im so naughty)* a program that will turn the upper screen of your bb into a mirror so you can see that bogger hanging out your nose or that jacked up eye liner job you did. * noice canceling feature that will detect loud sounds and filter them out. It will come in handy with that angry spouse or bossI think thats all I have for now