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    need to switch from sprint


    Ok stackers please give some suggestions my brother wants to switch from sprint and his boring phone that drops calls and get a blackberry probably with verizon. Is there a way he could talk his way out of the contract with out having to pay the 300 dollars. Of course then he would become a member of pinstack oh him and his wife pay 175 per month for there regular phones. Any suggestions thanks in advanced
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    I have good service with ATT most days. I know with sprint if you move out of coverage they will let you out sometimes . .

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    Good luck trying to get sprint to let you out of contract without paying.

    Next to impossible.

    If he were to move to an area that sprint has poor/no coverage in, then they would let him out no charge

    Btw I was a long time sprint user, just changed to verizon last week. Best decision I've ever made. Hands down verizon is the best service I've ever had. It amazes me how much better verizon is, and how much quicker the web is
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    I haven't heard anything good about Sprint. I've had Verizon and was happy with them. I'm currently in T-Mobile and I'm very happy with them. I like the customer service and the plans.

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