When you go to My Computer > C: > LimeWire > lib folder you should see the "LimeWire" executable jar file. I need that jar file because mine is infected. My Trend Micro can't clean nor fix it and I tried reinstalling LimeWire, but nothing changes. Can someone please send me there file, but make sure it's clean. I also tried deleting it, but LimeWire wont open without it. The hsqldb jar file was also infected, but I found another one through google. It works fine and it's clean. I'm scared that it might get infected again in the long run. Or can I be wrong and if those jar files infected it doesn't really mean anything? I mean the files weren't infected before so I'm guessing something is wrong.

You can send it via email, that's if it could fit.

Email: heavycomponents3@aim.com
send it through AIM: HeavyComponents3 (Add me)