You know how Jeff Foxworthy has his "might be a redneck jokes?"

He has one that says "If your working television sits on top of your no-working television, you might be a redneck." (By the way I've seen this before too!)

Well I went over to my buddie's house a couple days ago for hotdogs and beer and videogames and what not, and I couldn'thelp but cracking up! I said it...

"If your working 56 inch plasma screen TV sits infront of your non-working 72 inch LCD screen TV... you might be a technological redneck!"

Well that got a rise out of everyone there, it was pretty funny and I thought I'd share the story. Also I thought I would leave this thread open to those who have seen things simliar to people who love technology! So it's kinda like the "You Might Be A Crackberry" thread, but deals with things not regarding Blackberry addicts. It could be stuff you've done, stuff you've seen people do, anything.

So if you've seen similiar things, share your story. I'm sure the stackers in here would love to hear it!