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I confess (ooops.. wrong thread).. Anyway - I'm definately not a Microsoft guy, pretty much ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Microsoft Surface


    I confess (ooops.. wrong thread).. Anyway - I'm definately not a Microsoft guy, pretty much as anti-MS (pro apple) as they come but I've got to give Billy G and his boys some credit - this thing looks VERY cool!

    Gattis took out a digital camera and placed it on the Surface. Instantly, digital pictures spilled out onto the tabletop. As Gattis touched and dragged each picture, it followed his fingers around the screen. Using two fingers, he pulled the corners of a photo and stretched it to a new size. Then, Gattis put a cellphone on the surface and dragged several photos to it — just like that, the pictures uploaded to the phone. It was like a magic trick. He was dragging and dropping virtual content to physical objects. I'm not often surprised by new technology, but I can honestly say I'd never seen anything like it.

    It'll be a little while before the price drops to something reasonable so people can start getting them in the home, (currently $5-$10K) but still.. nice to see some new innovation and potentially useful product like this coming out!!

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    Re: Microsoft Surface

    That is pretty cool Thanks!
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: Microsoft Surface

    Wow! That's my kind of tech toy.

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