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Hey everyone. I've had my Pearl for six months or so now, but I haven't ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Hey everyone. I've had my Pearl for six months or so now, but I haven't tried out BB Messenger. All my daily contacts who own Blackberries seem to prefer SMS.

    I live in SLC, UT. I'm 32, married with two kids. I love photography, playing guitar (and music in general) and writing fiction. I also enjoy gaming, rock climbing, paint ball and stunt kites. I own a small photography studio on the side. In the past, I have written articles for various small publications and web sites about music and technology (Macs and Palm OS, specifically).

    I won't list my real job, because it's just a job.

    I've recently taken on a minimalist approach to my life. For years I have been gadget crazy and materialistic to an insane degree. I could justify almost any purchase. One day I realized that i don't actually own all of these things; rather, my possessions possess me. Lately, I've been throwing stuff out like crazy. Owning a Blackberry is a strange part of it, because it's small, simple and replaces several other, more complicated gadgets that I have come to 'rely' on.

    That's me in a nutshell. 23F59B0C

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    Just added you!

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