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Good luck to you. Just remember the adage about one door closing. It may be ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Re: Love hurts......(please give me your feedback)


    Good luck to you. Just remember the adage about one door closing. It may be rough for a while, but you'll be okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaTuFu
    Except that if you're 30ish and single (i.e. never been married) it throws a huge red flag up to any potential m(d)ates. Usually if you're 30ish and still single, there is a reason for it. (and that's what your date will be thinking in the back of their mind). I saw a few red flags waving in the last few posts, and I don't even wanna ask ya out.

    I suggest a couple of your favorite drinks, and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Searchin' " until the lyrics sink in.
    Yea right! you do want to ask me out!(joking) uh... You guys, I'm done! Not going to argue something I'm 100 percent correct about. Oh, I don't know about others, but I don't have these type of problems! I choose who I want to date from a wide selection of ladies! Sorry, but I don't even know who lynyrd skynyrd is, doesn't sound like my style though. Yes there's a reason I'm still single, see the self proclaimed "old married guy's" comment! Spirit sounds broken to me!(no offence)"do anything to keep her, even if it means doing it her way" ha ha! Are you kidding? No thanks. I'm glad to here you're doing well J! Keep it up, I bet you're much happier now and it only gets better! There's plenty enough time for marriage! This is not a race.

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