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    Linux vs Windows 7


    Windows 7

    * Better at synthetic benchmarks.
    * Faster transfer of large files.
    * Final version likely to improve.
    * Suspend/resume works!
    * Desktop search is well implemented and can go online.
    * Media libraries can be pinned to the start menu and task bar.
    * Jump lists can genuinely help improve efficiency.
    * Starter: No Aero and no 64-bit.
    * Home Basic: Developed for emerging markets.
    * Home Premium: Standard edition including Aero and touch.
    * Professional: Adds remote desktop and encrypted filesystem.
    * Enterprise: Unix application support and volume licensing.
    * Ultimate: As with enterprise, but for individual users.


    * Faster booting.
    * Less memory usage.
    * Smaller install size.
    * Broader hardware compatibility.
    * Nepomuk blurs the border between local and online.
    * Gnome Do replaces the task bar entirely.
    * Google's Desktop widgets now on Gnome and KDE.
    * Starter: No Linux is this restrictive.
    * Home Basic: Crunchbang or Ubuntu.
    * Home Premium: For eye candy, try Mint or Kubuntu.
    * Professional: Fedora offers encryption as an installation option.
    * Enterprise: OpenSUSE should work well with Windows.
    * Ultimate: No matter which Linux you choose, there's no restrictions.
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    my computer is running ubuntu 9.04 jaunty and i love it..i find it much better then windows but the only thing that holds me back is some of the programs for windows lik adobe cs3 and a few others.. i know some could be installed using wine and virtualOSE in ubuntu but its still not the same...
    i have yet to try windows 7 but until then i will always have ubuntu either as my primary or dual booted...

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    I still prefer Windows XP
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    I actually bought win 7 and love it. The first ms product I ever bought. Was running the rc and very impressed.
    If only I could get it to see my DVD burner.
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    They're both awesome...thanks to dual boot we can have best of both worlds!!!

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