these are some texts i get that i find hysterical wanted to share some short handing text knowledge.

hey wats ^ omg u hv 2 c this.
lol tht is grt i c u lata.
ur amazn misn u lik kray z.
wrk is so fkn borin. sv me. tlk 2 me. wht u doin
lol dat 2 funny. wea u gt dat. cal me asap. imp need to tlk.
omg lmao. is ur bb wrkn ok mns taken 4e to load apps. hmm

THIS is one my friend saw i bet everyone in the bb world knows what it means
but she had 0 clue. she was like wtf. lol it was funny trying to see her figure it out.
"new bb commin out ck out bg 3.2mp cam wifi crazy lookin hot bb baby blu. finally hope bg is good on dis i wan it now. we need wifi bbs now" lol

post some of your funny ones. ill be posting more as i get them. lol