- I wanna thank "crackie" (he knows who he really is!....) for the
very sweet geture he offered me over BB msnger tonight. Something
that is very rare to come by these days by anyone in any situation!
- So I'm glad to see we still have people in the world like "crackie"
that appreciate friendships, even when friends go thru hard times &
emotional drains. Most people would've turned their back or changed
the subject on me... (and many did!)
- I wanna let the thousands of people on here know that when a good deed
is done, especially for me, it's much appreciated and does not go unnoticed!

So THANK YOU "crackie" for doing what you did. I can't say that much
about even friends I've had for many years... I truely appreciate your friendship
and your kind offer. People like you deserve the best in life!!!

Thank You!
"CrystaliZed" (...cause you know who I am!)