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This is just going to be a random amalgamation of recent thoughts/feelings I've had. Excuse ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Post Just a few thoughts regarding society (and such)


    This is just going to be a random amalgamation of recent thoughts/feelings I've had. Excuse any sadness or disappointment they may or may not have (or be originated from)

    Utopia versus Dystopia
    I--and everyone else--know that the world we live in will never be prefect. A utopia is a dream that would never work under any realistic circumstances. For there to be a perfect world everyone in it would have to agree on everything. Every being would not dislike any other for any reason (i.e. religion, political views, race*, nationality*, etc). The fact that people can think for themselves is great; but it is the reason complete unity is impossible. Nations are united, but to have a utopia nations would have to coexist without issue. Policies would have to be the same and people within the nations would have to work for themselves as well as everyone else equally without a difference in pay or anything similar. The idea of separate nations would have to dissolve for a united human race.

    War will always be a fact of life until there is no one to create it. Wars start because of disagreements, actions, and other things starting with the decisions made by one or more people.

    That being said... Governments will never cease to create conflicts. I'm not saying that government is bad--it's good. Just making a point about the issue. Although this brings me to the "smaller" issues within a "united" people. Hate, violence, disorder, indifference, and disagreement within a large group are unavoidable...

    People will never get along. They will not ever be at peace as a whole. Not if they have a choice.

    Dystopia! Choice. Choice is good. If I haven't made it clear I am not for tyranny or dictatorship. The problem is all the reasons that a utopia can't exist are reasons why a dystopia can exist. Dystopian futures are depicted by most as militarized police force, control, central government, and central everything among a lot of other things I care not to list this second. A few (although there are a lot of) films that I have viewed are great works in the realm of dystopia.

    A short list with a mix of old and new(er):

    Brazil (1985)
    The Matrix (1999)
    Gattaca (1997)
    Mad Max (1979)
    A Scanner Darkly (2006)
    Soylent Green (1973)
    Equilibrium (2002)

    .... Temporarily done talking... I just wrote a letter to a certain someone.

    Maybe I'll complete this at a later date.
    Have a nice day. 23 October 2008.
    "Who Dares Wins"

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    Interesting points. People will always want more than the person next to them. Its human nature.

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