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I just wanted to say I really feel it for this guy and now his ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    James Kim


    I just wanted to say I really feel it for this guy and now his family. I can't picture how it must be to die like that.

    But what hits me the worst is the fact that he died not knowing if his family was ok or if they also were victims of the cold. That really shakes me. I know his family won't know but he was in my prayers those days and I'm sure the rest of you also...

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    Re: James Kim

    Yes, i thought about similuar things at the time i was watching the news. Sad....a very sad event.

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    Re: James Kim

    This is why I avoid cold climates.

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    Re: James Kim

    Rest In Peace James Kim...
    this has been a really sad story for those of us who live in the Bay Area.

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    Re: James Kim

    As a member of cnet I got this in my inbox:

    Dear CNET members,
    I don't even know where to start. All I know is that my heart is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of my co-worker, James Kim, a brave father who did all he could in an attempt to save his family. This week, we will not be having the usual community Help and How-to newsletter, but a special newsletter dedicated to James--a cherished father and husband, a dear son, a loving brother, a devoted friend to many, and a wonderful colleague. My deepest sympathies go out to his loving wife, Kati, and his two daughters. I know no amount of words can help comfort them during this time of grief, but I wish for the family to stay strong and know he was loved and was a wonderful person. Many of you e-mailed me directly to give your condolences for James's loss, and on behalf of the CNET family and the CNET community team, I want to thank you for your kind words of support, thoughts, and prayers. I've gathered all your e-mails and will be forwarding them to his family to let them know that your thoughts and prayers are with them. And if you would like to leave your thoughts and condolences for James Kim's family, you can do it here as well. This newsletter is dedicated to James and will include some forum postings by our community members in regards to James, and also video and tributes in memory of James. To James: may you rest in peace. You truly will be missed by all of us. I know you are in a better place, and you will no doubt be watching over your loved ones--every moment and every minute. Good-bye, my friend. Again, thank you all, for your support and thoughts in this difficult time. (Note: We will resume the normalcy of CNET Community Help & How-to Q&A next week. Thank you all.)


    Lee Koo
    Manager, CNET community

    Community postings in
    regards to James

    Here is a gathering of CNET forum posts by our community members in regards to James.

    James Kim found so sad

    Tom's eulogy on James Kim

    Circles (a poem in honor of James Kim)

    My James Kim Tribute (feel free to
    add yours)

    CNET tribute to James

    Memories of James Kim

    James Kim--ABC Person of the week

    Love and condolences to the Buzz crew

    James Kim

    CNET Senior Editor found

    Colleagues of James Kim have compiled a collection of some of their favorite CNET videos of their co-worker and friend.

    A few words from Executive Editor Tom Merritt

    In Memoriam: James Kim, 1971-2006

    The CNET editor was a devoted husband, father, and friend whose resourcefulness helped keep his wife and daughters alive.

    James Kim--family man, gadget fan
    The search for James Kim ends

    CNET blogs
    "James Kim was one of CNET's most beloved personalities. For those of us who worked with him, he was our friend and a member of our family. An e-mail we got today shows that many of you felt the same way."

    A look back at James Kim's work

    Wishes for the Kim family
    Thousands of readers pour out their hearts for Kim and his family. If you'd like to leave thoughts and condolences for James Kim's family, please click here to do so.

    E-mails from our caring
    CNET members

    Below are just a few e-mails that I received from our members. Thank you all so much. More e-mails can be read here.

    "Dear C-Net: I can't express enough sorrow for the loss of James Kim, to both his family and his co-workers. I had held out hope and sent him my prayers, but on the ride home, tonight, I heard the tragic ending. It was also at that time that I found out he worked for C-Net, of which I am an avid fan. Please accept my sincere thoughts for the deep loss that you must all be going through right now. I am so sorry." From: Brenda M.

    "As one of your dedicated Canadian fans, I send deepest sympathy on the loss of your colleague, James Kim. Our press had been following the story, and the tragic ending shocked us enormously. What a brave man he must have been. I'm very sorry for your loss. "
    From: Rory H. of Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    "Mr. Lee Koo & CNET Family: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your friend, Mr. James Kim. All of us who receive your newsletters, and appreciate the help you all give to thousands of us, cry with you. He sounds like a very brave, interesting person..."
    From: Barney G.

    "Lee, I just watched the latest update, and I was crushed when they stated that James Kim's body was located. I am so sorry to hear that, especially for his family as well as all the friends and colleagues who worked with him. I am not close to any, but have been a subscriber to your membership news for some time, and just wish to extend my sympathies to all of you. My heart and prayers go out to his wife and children. God bless you all."
    From: Beverly G. of Holbrook AZ

    "Dear Lee: Sorry to have heard on the news last night about C-Net's great loss of your colleague James Kim. Our thoughts and prayers are will his family and friends. I'm sure he will be deeply missed."
    From: Janet of Miami, FL

    "Please forward to all concerned - especially Lee Koo. I got your newsletter and was reading about James Kim. At the same time, I heard on the news that he had been found. I am so very sorry about the loss of your colleague and friend. In October we had a similar experience with a friend that has dementia (and was found alive), and my heart goes out to the family."
    From: Jean D.

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    I miss him, his wit when reviewing gadgets, and his love and lust for everything he did. He had a beautiful family and he gave the biggest sacrifice for them, and I know right now he is reviewing gadgets for the angels!

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