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At present the Iraq war is a hugely expensive operation with no discernible goal and ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    At present the Iraq war is a hugely expensive operation with no discernible
    goal and no benefit to the US. We should get out right away.

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    So from what I am getting, we are losing a war. But a war on what? Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 and I know that and I was about 12 when that happened. It was Osama and his gang, and aren't they from Afganistan? We went to war with Iraq because Saddam was a bad man doing bad things to his people. We removed him. We shouldn't still be there. If they are going to have a civil war then let them have it, its not our country to defend against themselves. (hopefully that made sense). And should we be the ones rebuilding? No. We just went there to get rid of the evil. Its their problem. The war on Iraq is a bunch of crap. As I am typing this I am saying stuff that makes no sense. We went to Iraq to remove Saddam for WMD's. Okay. We did that. Then they started attacking us because they want us out. Okay. So let's get out. Then they are going to want is to help them rebuild. Why? Because we attacked them. Why did we attack them? Because they attacked us. Oh my, we are in a pickle. What should we do? We cannot bomb them. That would make us look bad. We can't leave, other countries will say we are mean for destroying their country. So. We rebuild. We leave. They come here and they and do terroristic stuff. Does anyone think there is an end? Something else we can do? Personally I think we have no clue what is going on over there. Our media is only showing us the good stuff. Yes they will tell us 12 have died. But was that really all? Was it just our people who died? What about the innocent? Did they die? Are they telling the truth about how they died? Are they telling us who really did it? So many questions and no answers. So its time for me to stop ranting now. And by the way I mentioned Abu Ghraibe earlier and I think you should check it out. We are talking about it in school. Its very sad. And very sickening.
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    Their are some reports saying over 655,000 have been killed since the war started but these aren't the 'official' numbers. These numbers are from the Lancet in Oct 06.
    This war has come at huge cost to all parties.
    Problem is how do u get out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjSmooth View Post
    A Vet at 18, you can't join until you're at least 17, so within the last year, they may have seen an upgrade, but I'm sure that was a small minority. In the beginning they may have had a slight upgrade in their living status, but not now, and we still should not be trying to take credit for rebuilding plus some, when we are the ones who tore it down.
    i don't understand your confusion. If there was an initial increase in quality of life then that means they're living better... When was the last time you were in Iraq watching what we were building? In the time that I was there, we routed insurgents out of an entire town that they used to use to attack our base, we built a desperately needed burn center since that has been a scarcely touched upon subject for treatment to the locals, we built plumbing for water to their town, we help the locals start their own businesses with grants to kickstart their economy, we built schools and brought them supplies to learn with. I literally had kids waving their text books showing them to me just because they were happy to have them and the opportunity to learn. And all this was just from when my squadron was there. I'm not sure where you receive your information on their quality of life but mine is first hand.

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