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    iPod Question


    Hope someone can help - I have a 30GB iPod video and I notice when I am going through the artists section there are double categories - For example, I see "The Rolling Stones" twice and I see entries like "Who" and "The Who". I can't, however, seem to find these with iTines when I connect to my PC. I would like to clean up the files on the iPod - Any ideas?

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    Re: iPod Question

    Sounds like the tags on a few of the songs are off. I don't mess with iTunes, so I don't know how to do it. On MusicMatch and WMP, you pull up the song that appears under the wrong heading and edit the tag to the correct one and it changes it.
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    Re: iPod Question

    What you can do is highlight all of your Rolling Stones or Who Tracks (or any similiar artist) and do a "Ctrl+I" (on Windows) to open the Info/tagging screen for multiple tracks - then change the Artist name to whatever you want - it'll make sure they are all the same.

    You can also do it by Album Name to make sure all the songs stay in the same place..

    Its a tedious task to go through and clean up your iTunes library, but once you do it becomes so much more managable!

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