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    Iphone Commercials


    Hello everyone that loves BBs just like myself. I know like the rest of you guys that most of us are gadget people. With me saying that I know that new devices come and go but these iphone commercials are very intriguing. Even with new device glitches, the iphone sure looks sweet. Currently I use an 8700c. Have had it for about two years and looking at getting the Curve. But damn the Iphone looks like they are really make a statement, "we are here to conquer!". Does anyone feel like me?

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    Re: Iphone Commercials

    Take a looksie over here.. iPhone opinions and comments galore!

    Personally... I'm as Mac-loving as they come, but until I see and use one, the iPhone isn't enough to make me give up my Pearl.. (I like a physical keyboard..)

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    Re: Iphone Commercials

    I've used touch screen phones before and they are no picknick.

    If RIM did not exist i would go with Nokia n95 over iphone. Both are pricey but i would give up extra 150$ for its features. It has all iphone features + wifi. 5 megapix camera omg. Wifi. Gps. numerical keypad. Pretty much all you ever wanted from a smartphone.

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    Re: Iphone Commercials

    The commercials are pretty kick ***. Meaning, they really made me think about getting an iPhone. I think the price is going to be out of this world and will prevent me from even thinking about it.

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    Re: Iphone Commercials

    I would think that a touch screen key pad would suck.

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