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    iphone...are you kidding?


    I just thought I would let everyone know that while eating a nice xmas dinner lastnite I got into a conversation with my cousin who has the iphone. We all know that BB's are better and the iphone is weak cause its limited to certain apps, and really is just an internet on the go. (whoopdi doo) So anyways I asked him why he likes it so much and he tells me that it can do "everything". So I ask him what games does he have and he says duckhunt. I then asked "how do you shoot the ducks?, does it come with a little gun? lmao" So in an annoyed voice he replies..."you touch the bird with your finger and it dies" !! I COULDNT STOP LAFFING! THAT IS THE GAYEST THING EVER. YOU ACTUALLY TOUCH THE BIRD ON THE SCREEN AND IT DIES!! HAHAHA Imagine if nintendo was like that 20 years ago.

    just thought I would share my hilarious story ....lata
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    Re: iphone...are you kidding?

    lol i think you have to anticipate the duck to be in certain location then smack the screen as if your shooting

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    Re: iphone...are you kidding?

    i can see people getting into this game and breaking the screen. the excuse will be the bird wouldn't die.
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    Re: iphone...are you kidding?

    so its a WiiPhone
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    Re: iphone...are you kidding?

    ~via BB (

    Haha wiiphone. Actually you can install nintedo games on it.. And on the bottom the nintendo controller to press.. A lot more games can be installed other than that.Again, serves its purpose purely entertainment.. A total waste of time. I'd rather be pinstacking or maybe bb mssaging. Lol

    It isn't a duckhunt any more lol.. Something like feel the bird. Or "birdy tap" "duck tap" "duck touch" goes with the apple product itouch.
    I-touch-the duck.. Great ad for reviving the game on apple product

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    Re: iphone...are you kidding?

    ~via BB (

    I understand where you're coming from and I know we all love our BBs.

    The iPhone does have a market though. Mostly for media centric users though. It does wonders for what its designed for which is Media. In the corporate world it would need to do a lot of improvements to live up to enterprise standards.

    It comes down to which device works better for you. Nothing really wrong with any one device, be it a Treo,iPhone etc. As long as it works for you.

    Also the iPhone does have a hack to play PSone games now. Pretty sweet.

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