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Ok here's my beef... At the end of the school year we were given our ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    I need a new job...


    Ok here's my beef...

    At the end of the school year we were given our final pay cheques... as expected.

    On my way to cash it (no we do not have direct deposit...another thing that bites) I got a phone call from my boss asking me to head back to the school right away... so I did. When I got back she started going on about how she needed the cheque back... turns out we were over paid for the year... completely their mistake... Wtf??!!

    Great way to say farewell eh?!... Have a great summer... oh btw no pay cheque for you.

    I then start to wonder, am I the only one that has a problem with this??... So I ask around and find out no... this is just wrong... there are others in the same boat as I that need their cheques. Unfortunately some of us don't have the luxury of being rich...and have to live pay cheque to pay cheque.

    We then call an emergency meeting to discuss this further... yadda yadda yadda... they finally agree that it was their mistake so they will take a little off each cheque come September. Great, thats fine...that I can deal with.

    In a perfect world that would be the end... everyone wins... they get their money back... we don't get hit so hard losing an entire pay cheque.... but of course my world's never perfect.

    August comes around...contract time... my boss calls me up to tell me that we have 72 hours to sign our papers or else the contract is null and stipulation... fine, whatever...

    However there is a catch... isn't there always one?! Her words... and I quote "Oh Btw Natasha, we changed our minds about your over payment issue, it will just be too much trouble to take a bit of money off each cheque. So we've decided to take your second pay in September away." ... That's just great, wonderful, screwed again.

    Am I the only one in this universe that would have a problem with this??

    Ooo... I'm so mad!!

    Worse part... today I get in trouble for bringing it up. Mistakes happen Natasha... is what I'm told...grr.. this sucks!!!

    I need a new job... preferably with someone that knows how to run a business properly.

    Sorry to bring it up stackers... I just needed to vent.

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    Re: I need a new job...

    Tash. that sucks. but you get that kind of crap no matter where you go.

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    Re: I need a new job...

    hmm...I might be a canadian thing...but I know that when a company screws up on a pay check ( ) here, its the company/organization/employer that has to deal with the loss.'s what you do:

    1. Find whatever way you can to get out of Canada
    2. Do it.
    3. Laugh at Canada

    (Remember, I have family in B.C. so...I'm exempt )
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    Re: I need a new job...

    ~via BB ( I'm in the middle of a career change myself due to unsatisfactory conditions and lack of similarity of coworkers. If you weren't teaching, what would you like to do? What do you wish you could do more of? What do you know more than most people?

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    Re: I need a new job...

    I had a similar thing happen to me. The General Manager wrote the checks on a Thursday night and left them on our desks. He forgot to withhold taxes from my paycheck and wasn't around on Friday to correct it. I needed to get money in the bank so I deposited it. I told him that I deposited it and he became angry. He tought I should have held the check over the weekend so he could correct it Monday.

    I feel your pain.

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    Re: I need a new job...

    I work for major corporate bank, inc. in the U.S. While they have accounting issues down pat, the ability of upper management to make unbelievable mistakes is still quite possible.

    Exhibit A: In an attempt to "educate" employees on why the company outsourced "some" job functions to a call center in The Phillipines (to save money), the executive actually said (I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear it with my own ears) "One reason we chose The Phillipines is that citizens in the Manila area have a very Midwestern Accent."

    Other than that bit of wisdom, yeah, I agree with GB. Run far, run fast, run hard, away from Canada. And Non-Profits for that matter. Those that can't, teach. Those that can't teach, add, or run a business start a Montessori School in Canada for the sole purpose of tormenting Canadian Stackers. Its a loose interpretation, I know, but I think it fits.
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    Re: I need a new job...

    ouch. Do you have a teacher's union in canada?
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    Re: I need a new job...

    oh wow, thats uber crappy
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    Re: I need a new job...

    Sorry to hear that Tasha... I hear you about living paycheck to paycheck...ugh it sucks

    We still love ya though...(i know it doesn't pay the bills though)

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    Wow that sux ssa! Its never a good sign when you get backdoored by a company excuse my Hawaiian! I've kinda heard something like that. Only that when they go to cash the check it bounces! Certainly blows! If anything yes teachers are underpaid! But that's just my opinion! Good luck tash. Hope things work out for ya!
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