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I just wanted to say how sad Michael Jackson's memorial service was. I mean, any ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    I know I'm a bit off topic but please read...


    I just wanted to say how sad Michael Jackson's memorial service was. I mean, any memorial service would be sad but he was the greatest performer/entertainer/singer/dancer etc... ever.

    I love him and I love his music. Even with all the negativity surrounding him, I always wanted the best for him. If you feel the same way, just drop a post with a line or two (or more)

    Michael Jackson... Good Too Soon (1958-2009)

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    I'm still a little blown away by it. It was a very moving memorial service and like you said despite all the negative publicity surrounding him I still appreciated and respected him as a performer. I understand that there is a lot of people that do not like him for a number of reasons but no matter what you feel you fail to realize how much he has shaped and influenced the music industry. Please look at this amazing man for that reason and not for the ominous reputation he has been given by society.

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    everyone has made mistakes, look at Elvis and what is thought of him now. Michael was an amazing talent in a crazy world. He will be missed
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    Look out. I'm still in disbelief about this. Michael was the greatest performer to ever live. 750 million copies sold of THRILLER! That's 750 times Platinum! I Highly doubt anyone will ever top that. Rest in peace to the King of Pop,Michael Jackson.
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    MJ will definitely be missed... the first cassette i ever bought was a bootleg MJ collection...
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