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good movie, i watched it like 3 times already. i borrowed a bootleg from a friend, its a very good copy. i cant stand going to the movies, with all the rude people nowadays, i cant tolerate it. the movie seemed a lil short, and i didnt like the ending. but all in all. good movie
Funny you mention the bootleg, and the movie seeming a little short. I watched the movie a few weeks ago, and the first in the theater, but the second was in bed at my house.

The first time through, I had no concept of time, the movie seems exactly as long as it should have been, no more, no less. I will add I enjoyed it a great deal.

The second time through was on christmas in bed, and I have to agree with the owner of the quote, the movie seemed quite short. There were no cut scenes from theater to home, all the same from what I recall. Odd.

I mentioned in another thread about the movie, where the hell did the zombies get the smarts to set the trap, where did they get the ramset to secure it? Ohter than that, it was a perfectly enjoyable movie that I highly recomend.