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    how many of you....


    Just wondering how many of you guys have a good paying job that you enjoy and didn't go to college? Just sitting in my dorm room wondering. Let me know what kind of job you have to if you don't mind sharing
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    just ask
    Although its not necessary, I didn't finish college but I've watched my friends hit six figure incomes as I am still in the 50-70k range a year as a mobile telecom admin. I'm currently laid off but I still do fairly well with the business ventures that I have goin on. Its all matter of conviction and will to do better that what you are currently doing. I will admit that had I finished college my opportunities would have been a lot better.

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    I didn't finish college, but I work with 12 people with degrees. Were fedex express couriers.
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    I'm doin ok I guess, but I do want to get a degree. As of now I'm a Correctional Officer.You might be thinking "that must suck" but in reality its a lot of fun, didn't need a degree, and I make more than anyone I know. Prety cool if you ask me. (Oh, and I'm doing this one year out of highschool.)
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    I did the Mobile Phone business for years and made 60k a year, and never finisdhed college til i pissed off the wrong boss.

    God has provided for me, because I have a permanant condition called UC, and now am disabled per the Govm'nt. I am still making decent money, just helped those 7 yrs i pput in @ that^ job!


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    No degree here although working on it and I can't complain at the moment considering the economy. 19 years in the Navy for me so not only a garanteed paycheck but some good travel too!

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    Went two years to college, but didnt graduate. Was a certified welder/fitter, but currently I program CNC milling machines.
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    I didn't go to college and decided woohoo let's become a truck driver, lol. Did that for 11 years over the road and averaged making about 80 a year. NOW I am driving local and making about 35, which is actually more than my wife makes as a school teacher. We have a side business, photography, that is more or less just a hobby that we sometimes get paid for. I HATE my job and wish I would have gone to college. If we actually had the time to invest in our photography we COULD average about 80, but that is just something we are working toward. Right now, part time we make about 15 from the photography gig.

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    I didn't finish college, but always got promoted fast and easy in jobs but got laid off about a year ago. Now I'm working as a personal trainer. I would make more if I went to college, and regret not going when I had the chance. Not as easy to get back into after a few years, but I'm making the most of it.
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    I know I'm a little late but... I'm the Administrative Assistant for two cardiology offices, each run at separate hospitals, I have full benefits, 401k, PTO and nice pay I love my job. I'm planning on going to college to be a Radiology Tech because that science fascinates me. As far as my job without college, this is IT

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