Everyone of you have seen us,that you can't deny.
You can't really do without us, because we're too useful is why.
Though you give us little credit,we're helping you every day.
Without us helping you out, no one would want to listen to what you have to say.
But we are not a glory hogs,we never complain one wit.
We'll never warn though,when what you say makes you look like a twit.
You see we don't care what you say or do.
We're just here to be helpful,rather you sound stupid or not is entirely up to you.
There isn't that many of us to do what is in demand.
So there is no need to take your shoes off,when you can count us on one hand.
For those of you who can guess who we are, congrats we say to you.
But if your stumped don't feel bad,because if bill16 hadn't wrote it he'd be stumped too.

~via smartphone mobile.pinstack.com~