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Originally Posted by hybrid009 on the CDMA network, you are constantly connected on the network, ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by hybrid009 View Post
    on the CDMA network, you are constantly connected on the network, good for gps, instant messaging and teathering. GSM on the other hand send out signal bursts to connect to the network, on the gsm, you wont be connected until you manually connect.
    Hmm that explains a major drop in my battery life when I went from roger to tellus, I actually replaced one
    Device! I overall have to say I love cdma much more. I personally find the call clearity far better, I hear no static like I did with gsm, time to time I actually have to say hello to make sure other person is still on the line lol, I am actually not even joking about that! Happens once a week or so!
    Rev. A data is also 3G so it is much faster then edge, I found speeds are much better even in low reception areas! Overall, I don't see why cdma does not have as much hype, or at least equal.

    In regards to cdma more strict, that is country related, telus is the best here in canada, they are the only once to offer unlt data, and the prices are reasonable compare to other gsm carriers!

    The only things that I miss about gsm devices are the ability with easy to switch a sim card, and the upcoming ability of 3G for gsm to talk and use data at the same time. Thouse are the only two benefits that I see with gsm! Well at least here in canada, otherwise cdma have them beat all around, so I am not complaining! I am very happy I switched to telus and got the robbers out of my hair, I mean look at what they have done to the iphone, the thing is data hog and they give limited plans with only up to two gigs of data! Hello, youtube alone will use more then that a month!

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    I agree ....and another tip too....if you loose your GSM handset, anybody can unlock it and resell it virtually anywhere....but for CDMA handsets.....just give them a call and they will lock that esn off the network until the rightful owner finds it....

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    Having dealt with both I know GSM has my vote especially with the voice and data Simultaneously !~via BB (

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