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I looove horror movies... Where do I start? When I was a kid I liked ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    Re: favorite horror movie


    I looove horror movies... Where do I start?

    When I was a kid I liked the Nightmare on Elm Street movies... now a days I enjoy the Saw movies... kinda wish they would have stopped at 3 though.

    I loved the Friday the 13th series... as well as the Halloween series... can't wait to see Rob Zombie's version... I enjoyed 28 Days Later and recently saw 30 Days of Night... but it had a crappy ending.. Oh well.

    There are so many good horror flicks to choose from that I really can't decide on just one...

    I can't forget the Stephen King's movies... Pet Semetery... Carrie... It ... all great movies.

    OMG I almost forgot The Amityville Horror... Ryan Reynolds is yummy in that one.

    I really can go on forever... but I won't.

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    Re: favorite horror movie

    did any one else feel that the main protaginists in saw 2 and 3 seemed to have little to do with the plot other then to be tortured im gooey ways , i mean the second film thrusts about 9 people into the frame and you just dont seen to care if any of the scumbags get away, infact you find your self going die scummers, all the attention goes on jigsaw and the detective, i honestly didnt care less if any one in the house survived.
    And the third one its like oh and this is a test and thats a test i wanted you to be tested on that test while i was doing this test all at the same time its like wtf, okay right towards the end i start to feel a bit more for the dude doing the games but they leave it wide open so i guess they will just back track and cram that into the fourth movie like they did with the rest.

    But any way for Gore id probably say Kolobos thats got some right gross stuff in it
    For slasher antics id probably go for Halloween (remake okay the originals is goos but thers just somthing about the new one)
    for humor and straight up guts id say Braindead i think the lord of the rings would have been more fun done like this.
    suspense and jumpy moments has to be the grudege (that noise goes through me like chalk on a blackboard)
    Zombie flick would be 28 weeks later or dawn of the dead both depicting a great sense of the end is nigh.
    Best Stephen King adaptation im my opinion is probably Maximum Overdrive id have said the shinning but Kubrick lost the last act to me the book was far better. Plus the cheesey ACDC sound track rock in Maximum Overdrive.
    the list could go on i dont thinki can single out my all time favorite

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    Re: favorite horror movie

    i like the classics (omen, exorcist, amityville, rosemary's baby, etc etc)

    as for new ones...
    28 days/weeks later
    1408 was pretty good
    the reaping had a good story, but i hate hillary swank

    but i'm a big zombie movie buff...
    the 4 O.G. Romero flicks
    undead (cool zomie flick from new zealand)
    zombie 2 (come on, a zombie fighting a shark!!!! classic )
    dawn of the dead remake had its moments
    night of the living dead (tom savini remake is classic IMO)
    return of the living dead 1 & 2 << go... you know you want to.

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