So I went to a concert tonite with my girlfriend who got free tickets from work.
(because she works for time warner we were in VIP box things and got free food, kinda cool)

Oh, so the concert yeah. IT was officially called "Nickelcreek with Fiona Apple"
Now me being a manly man, YES, I enjoy "some" Fiona Apple
Example A . Her video for the song Criminal (
(watch the whole video, then make your own opinion)
She was the older Avril Lavigne before there was an Avril.
Yes she needs to eat a cheeseburger or 6, but the video is hot and grimy. lol
And sure there are a few other songs that are okay in my opinion, so I agreed to go to the show.
It was held in a smaller outdoor venue that holds about 3 to 5 thousand people.

So the way the show was listed throughout, it seemed as though Fiona would go on first, which was fine by me and my girlfriend. This would mean we could leave at a reasonable time since we both had to work the next day. So we went, I did find it odd however about Fiona opening for a band I had never heard of. I asked someone who worked there when Fiona went one they said 8pm.
So the show starts at 8:00pm.

Here is where the concert went down hill. Four people came out and started playing folk rock, blues, bluegrass kind of stuff. Which I am okay with, however....It just didn't jive. There was a Violin, a Cello (the bass one i think), an acoustic guitar, and a friggin mandolin. Yes a mandolin. So they were doing they're thing singin, dancin and the sort. It just sounded weird to me. My girlfriend starts to get annoyed because to be totally honest, they sounded horrible in my opinion. She wants to know when Fiona Apple is coming out. I whip out my trusty blackberry and Google the whole situation.

So it turns out Nickelcreek would be performing WITH Fiona. Ugh. The article I read stated they would be performing songs from both entertainer's catalog. So we waited. Maybe 45min later Fiona graced the stage with her presence. Kind of. I think she was drunk, I could be wrong since I have never seen her live. She is just an odd performer. I am sure she would be great to hang out with, but as a performer, she lacked in the performing skills dept. Using Nickelcreek as her back-up band she sang some of her own songs. The friggin mandolin ruined the whole thing.

Now this is quoted directly from Nickelcreek's own website
"Nickel Creek's mandolinist Chris Thile was named the BBC Musician Of The Year as part of their 2007 Folk Awards at the event last night in London, England." (feb 6th 2007)
To be quite honest, the only time this guys mandolin sounded good is when he used it as a drum!
So I don't know what the BBC is on, but I'll take
Just so you know, Fiona's music has piano's and drum's which were both not present at this show.
There was alot of talking between sets about stuff the band only knew about and the crowd felt akward. Fiona Apple also has the dancing ability of a drunken Zombie in a hoe-down!

My girlfriend and I actually left early because it was that bad ( and the tix were free I guess).
So if Nicklecreek with Fiona Apple come to your town,
and you or your significant other want to go......
I would pass
One last thing. The showcard should have been billed as
"Nicklecreek (performing alongside, featuring, or behind) Fiona Apple".
I feel this was misleading.
I dunno, most of the crowd was there to see her, and I think they were let down as well.
This show sucked.
my two cents.