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Amazing that I can call myself a crackhead and not want to beat the crap ... Stackers' Lounge forum

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    "Crackhead" from NM (New to the Stacks)


    Amazing that I can call myself a crackhead and not want to beat the crap out of myself for doing so. So, if the Blackberry is TRULY the "CRACKberry" I am most certainly a "crackhead." I've had my BB (Sprint 8703e) for a couple of months now. I'm a converted Treo user. I'm lost without my BB. I found pinstack from the mention of a buddy in another forum.

    I am Scots/Irish ancestory and celebrate it more than the average American of the same descent does. I am a member of Clan Henderson USA, and attend Scottish/Irish events as much as possible. I wear a kilt as a contemporary garment NOT A COSTUME. It's none of your buisness what I wear under it, so please don't ask. I am aspiring to become a bagpiper, but I have quite the practice before I will actually call myself a Piper. I love life and I love music. I listen to an odd mixture. But, I love aggressive music (hXc has my heart.) I am straight edge. I am heavily tattooed, my earlobes are stretched, and I enjoy living life as such. Yes, that stuff all hurt more than I can explain. But, I wouldn't change it for anything. I manage a laboratory for a living.
    Yes, people THAT tattooed can and DO get "normal" jobs. It's all in your displacement. I love to chatter on about everything and nothing. Feel free to message me.

    Great to be here. I like the "vibe" of this place. I think I'll stick around.
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    Re: "Crackhead" from NM (New to the Stacks)

    nice intro

    < -- tattooed and pierced too and i agree about the job thing...its where you are targeting

    welcome to the stacks glad you're gonna stick around

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    Re: "Crackhead" from NM (New to the Stacks)

    tattoed not much unfortunately, hardcore has been my passion since 10, and straight since i've been 10. i've got a thing for some indie rock, and old school rap....
    well i think you're okay in my book, but my question is what is there to do in NM?
    hit e up some time

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    Re: "Crackhead" from NM (New to the Stacks)

    Pretty cool man. Welcome to the stacks!

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    Ask me!

    Re: "Crackhead" from NM (New to the Stacks)


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